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Breaching Containment

Item #: SCP-2907

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2907 are either to be captured for questioning, or in case of a severe instance, contained. SCP-2907 itself is to be observed carefully for any further instances.

Description: SCP-2907 is the term given to the anomalous house seemingly in the middle of nowhere. How long it's been there, who built it, and who owns it now is currently unknown. SCP-2907 appears to be spatially disturbed, ofter pulling various beings from unknown places (likely ████). These instances vary from Safe to Keter classifications, or even just average people. Known instances are SCP-2907-A, "The Rebirth", SCP-2907-B, "Master of machine", and SCP-2907-C, "The Time Traveler", among others.

SCP-2907-A is especially dangerous, and possesses the ability to absorb other organisms, by infecting them with an unknown virus. SCP-2907-A is to be terminated as soon as possible.

ADDENDUM-2907: SCP-2907-C has recently gone under a complete physical change, changing into a brown-haired man with a much less pronounced accent then his previous "incarnation". It is unknown how it has done this. Experiments are to be taken in regards to him and his machine."

Breaching Containment will be a plot focused on the SCP Foundation mythos, a site dedicated to containing and observing strange and-or otherworldly artifacts. So what happens when the Foundation takes notice of the enigmatic Crossroads, where all sorts of freaks and weirdo's gather? Well, isn't it obvious? They do their damn job, capturing and imprisoning the locals, either for questioning on what exactly is the Crossroads/inhabitants, or if they've been deemed so, to be contained and experimented with, as an SCP. But when the lights go out, Cloud gets snogged by 682, everyone is given their chance to escape... But so are all the other SCP's.

This plot features:

  • Curbstomping of various rogue D-Classes
  • Multiple appearances by my favorite SCP's.
  • Possible permanent consequences
  • alantutorial
  • Lots of running
  • Dicking around
  • And another force, not known by the Foundation...



  • Strange scratching by TARDIS is to be explained at a later point.
  • Nameless D-Class to be put into obscurity.
  • Blackwood to be amazing

Žel in Svinja

The universe, with its infinite planets, with infinite possibilities. A marvelous thing, right? But one of these possibilities once nearly wiped out all life on Earth, caught in the crossfires of an ancient alien war.. However, with the efforts of a human anomaly, the war ended, with the miniscule remnants of our side hiding on Earth, and the other returning home, thinking themselves victorious.

However, it turns out that the anomaly was not the only living human. Others, stashed away in deep underground complexes, unaware of the apocalypse above. Those in bunkers, deep deep underground, hiding in the belief that the end was nigh. And it was... It was...

The remnants of humanity, and the remnants of the invaders. Normally a call for war, but at this point, both sides were oh so desperate for recovery. And so, an alliance was formed. The humans and us, working side by side, armed with what remaining resources Earth had, and what could be scavenged. The nanotechnology the invaders brought, it sure helped, no doubt about that! Ehehehe...

So eventually, after three hundred years, Earth was alive and kicking, and we were back on our feet, society at its high point!

However, much was still lost. We... erased all records of our race, to prevent our enemies. We don't even remember the name of our race... So, we just call ourselves the En. A fair enough name, I suppose...

So yeah. There ya have it. That's our hist- Ketaka, stop that shit, you don't know what that- God dammit! Why the HELL would you push that? We already HAVE enough shit on our hands, what with those freaking bug aliens crashing down on us! ... What do you MEAN we're not supposed to record that- oh, fuck you!

-end transmission-

Iazi! We just got this distress signal from an Annihilator! ... Holy crap, this shit's old! Tell the commander, we just found some Komato history! ...

What do you mean? So what! A few ships are suddenly abandoned, no big deal. Must've been a Nanite outbreak, you know how shitty those are! ... Unidentified creatures? Well, shit man, does that mean we found even more new species?! God damn, that's some news! ... Yeah, wormholes happen all the time, no big deal! S'not like it's a "portal to a whole different universe" ... God dammit, just go away.

My second plot! This time, The Mystery Gang head into the faaaaaaaar future... well, one of them, anyway. This plot takes the group far after the events of Iji, where they come across zany sights, such as aliens! Old friends! And also horrible conspiracies that could lead to war, and extinction. Will the group manage to prevent the war, or stop it peacefully if it happens? Will they slaughter their way to end the war the hard way? Or will another unseen force force both Komato and Tasen to gang up, and fight for both their survival? ... probably not but that sounded cool in my head.


  • Ways for both combatants and non-combatants to contribute

  • Old friends huehuehuehue

  • New friends! And new enemies, of course.

  • Horrible slaughterfests, if you like that thing. Just keep it in your pants.

  • And other things, too!

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Name: Calls herself Lulu

Age: 16/17, 23/24 when transformed

Element: Xenon

Personality: A spirited girl, but a bizarre one. Lulu is curious, quick to excite, and quick to get bored as well- she can't stand inactivity! She's also somewhat of an airhead, and can often forget quite a bit... though sometimes it's not always her just forgetting. More often or not she just "forgot" it so she has an excuse to go do something else. That doesn't mean she's irresponsible- no! If some bad guys need a butt kicking, and she's told to do it, then yeah, she'll do it. It's more or less slow work that she tries to get out of: Chores, and other such things. Those are boring and no one likes them. When transformed, she becomes a lot more levelheaded and mature- though her curiosity doesn't lower any. One thing to note is that despite her disposition, she actually has no desire to make any serious bonds, making her the enemy to Nice Guys everywhere. She'll be friends, sure, but you'll have to work your ass off to actually romance her.teehee noble gasses

Appearance: shooby dooby

meguca Magical Girl appearance: With a quick hairdo and an age up...


  • Photokinesis: The ability to bend light in any way, shape or form. This means she could shift the direction of beams of light, cause light sources to brighten or dim, or snuff out light all together. She can also generate a small amount of light, but the best use for this would be as a distraction. Strobe lights!

  • Anesthesia: Harnessing the anesthesic attribute of her element, Lulu can cause drowsiness with a mere touch. It's use in battle is debatable, but this is no doubt a good thing to have while tending to the wounded.

  • Speed Boost: With the propellant properties of Xenon, Lulu can boost forwards at high speeds, making her a very fast foe. However, it can be very hard to navigate cluttered areas if she needs to do this for long, and turning is very difficult.

  • Null: When in contact with someone, Lulu has the ability to nullify their powers. However, constant contact must be made, otherwise the effect fades.

Weapon: Glowworm: Twin laser knives. The blades can "detach" and be whipped as a quick ranged attack. Said blades are also very expendable, since they are lasers.

Cybernetic Enhancements: zilch

Backstory: Lulu is decently aged, in terms of reincarnation. She lived, loved, and died quite a number of times. Starting out, she absolutely adored other people, and was just about the nicest, most sociable girl imaginable. However, she started realizing something after a time: Although she would reincarnate every death, her friends would not. Every buddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, all of them, would die, and be gone forever. Once she realized this, she became... distanced. Not to the point of complete isolation, but to the point where the vast majority of her interactions are somewhat rushed. Eventually, she heeded her calling, and hitched up with the Council. Although she was glad that there were others like her, she still never quite made the effort to befriend them, in fear that their next reincarnation would vastly differ from the previous one, potentially even defecting. As such, she prefers to go on solo missions, knowing that the only ones in danger are herself, and her foe. As for her current incarnation, she was raised by a bakery owner, her adoptive/mother. As such, she developed the skills necessary for baking and such... as well as a massive sweet tooth. However, due to the mentioned realization, she and her mother have become rather distant as of now... Other then that, there's nothing much of significance.


  • Be more descriptive, and more specific.

  • Consider wordings. Do not try to "shorthand" it.