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My name is FHZJOCMWUFKQCUFH, I'm a video game nut. My personal favorites are The Legend of Zelda, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon, , Any game with a customizable character select and Jak. And especially .hack. Don't hurt it. It's my baby.

I also adore other things like Wreck-It Ralph (the best disney movie EVER), and a bunch of other shit you don't care about Also warning i suck at ediCHUCHNORRIStng

Tropes that fit me

I'm also terrible with alphabetical order and editing

VanMy favorite animals are Metal Gear's of coursedalize if you dare!

You deserve a blue name. Welcome to WAAPT.

And page type'd :P-Sixth

Hiya, Trip! -Quarter

Droppin' mah luggage off here.-Xiphos Orochi 666

I FOUND YOU~! -???


I also like MOTHER 3


Breaching Containment

Item #: SCP-2907

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2907 are either to be captured for questioning, or in case of a severe instance, contained. SCP-2907 itself is to be observed carefully for any further instances.

Description: SCP-2907 is the term given to the anomalous house seemingly in the middle of nowhere. How long it's been there, who built it, and who owns it now is currently unknown. SCP-2907 appears to be spatially disturbed, ofter pulling various beings from unknown places (likely ████). These instances vary from Safe to Keter classifications, or even just average people. Known instances are SCP-2907-A, "The Rebirth", SCP-2907-B, "Master of machine", and SCP-2907-C, "The Time Traveler", among others.

SCP-2907-A is especially dangerous, and possesses the ability to absorb other organisms, by infecting them with an unknown virus. SCP-2907-A is to be terminated as soon as possible.

ADDENDUM-2907: SCP-2907-C has recently gone under a complete physical change, changing into a brown-haired man with a much less pronounced accent then his previous "incarnation". It is unknown how it has done this. Experiments are to be taken in regards to him and his machine."

Breaching Containment will be a plot focused on the SCP Foundation mythos, a site dedicated to containing and observing strange and-or otherworldly artifacts. So what happens when the Foundation takes notice of the enigmatic Crossroads, where all sorts of freaks and weirdo's gather? Well, isn't it obvious? They do their damn job, capturing and imprisoning the locals, either for questioning on what exactly is the Crossroads/inhabitants, or if they've been deemed so, to be contained and experimented with, as an SCP. But when the lights go out, Cloud gets snogged by 682, everyone is given their chance to escape... But so are all the other SCP's.

This plot features:

  • Curbstomping of various rogue D-Classes
  • Multiple appearances by my favorite SCP's.
  • Possible permanent consequences
  • alantutorial
  • Lots of running
  • Dicking around
  • And another force, not known by the Foundation...



  • Being that abducted Fen to be shown in later plot
  • Strange scratching by TARDIS is to be explained at a later point.
  • Nameless D-Class to be put into obscurity.
  • Blackwood to be amazing


Character Sheets go here.


Name: Morganna Verbrauchen

Gender: Female

Age: 38 (looks a wee bit younger, about 26

Race: Demon

Appearance: [[ Imagine this only not nearly as slim due to overconsumption.]]

Weapons: *A flaming sword zweihander
  • A flintlock, for those emergency moments
  • She also ALWAYS has a bottle of some sort, which could probably cause some damage in super emergencies.

Magic: She's capable of producing fire walls, cloaks, and eruptions all around. She's also capable of fireballs, but those are boring.

Personality: A hard drinking, hard partying, constantly eating loon of a demon. She hates inactivity, and despises the more "rational" beings around her. This is likely because she's associated with Gluttony, what with her insatiable appetite for food and wine. And blood. Can never forget the blood. This has, unfortunately, done a number on her body.

Bio: Some pureblood demons typically associate themselves with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Lust, Pride, Envy, all that nasty stuff. Now, Morganna was born under Gluttony. Which all led downhill from there. She doesn't have a set home, though she originates from Zardossa. She tends to wander around, injecting herself into parties- whether the other guys like it or not. Oddly enough, her hard rocking nature actually provides a unique way of satiating her bloodlust. You see, people tend to either get trampled or shanked at those REALLY large ones. So, she sort of scavenges after the buzz of the party. Once she recovers from the hangover, of course. So why did she decide to become a pirate? Well, I'll give you a hint. Rum. Rum and the P-Word. Her parents are still very much alive, however, they're not important here.

This is so terribu I'm sorry.

Also, if this isn't sufficient, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what I can do to fix this. Heck, even if this IS accepted, TELL ME THINGS TO IMPROVE ON


  • Be more descriptive, and more specific.

  • Consider wordings. Do not try to "shorthand" it.


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