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A grave announcement from Mister Administrator:

 101 Rhyme Beat, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:32:55 PM from Eastern Standard Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
I'm honestly plenty annoyed by the lime green. Red would at least not remind me of the P Ms.
 102 Trivialis, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:33:24 PM from contemplation
I wish I can turn it off now that I saw it.
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 103 Quantumawsome, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:35:30 PM from Spacetime Relationship Status: Non-Canon
By the power of geek!
For everyone who is very confused: This is all connected to Echo Chamber, especially the second season finale episode Mind Screw.
Look at me still talking when there's science to do
 104 Mukora, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:37:18 PM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
It'll hopefully go away after a day or so. No big deal.
 105 Sixthhokage1, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:48:13 PM from Fort Worth, TX
If you are *really* that bothered by the banner, most major browsers should have adblocker extensions with custom filters available. I know that in Firefox, Adblock Plus lets you do this without having to block the actual ads that support the site.
 106 Spirit, Mon, 17th Sep '12 5:51:29 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
It's not that bad. We're starting to sound pretty ungrateful.

edited 17th Sep '12 5:52:11 PM by Spirit

The banner has thankfully been changed so that it no longer says "grave."

 108 Spirit, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:06:42 PM from America Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
But that was the best part!


Anyone think we should get a mod to update the thread's title?tongue

 109 Trickdice, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:10:12 PM from Reno or bust!
Lucidly Unsane
Had a look. Wasn't impressed or interested. Didn't really like the first 5 episodes of Echo Chamber I saw. Honestly thought it had something to do with Atop The Fourth Wall. I am disappoint.

Decent Viral Marketing though, judging by this thread.

EDIT: Since this is my first post in Wiki Talk got the obligatory PM welcoming and boy, is that banner disconcerting now.

edited 17th Sep '12 6:13:43 PM by Trickdice

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 110 T Beholder, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:10:36 PM from chthonic safety
Our future is a madhouse
No idea what it was supposed to be. But what's really happened:

1) I saw an announcement and clicked on it.
2) It leads to a site digested by The Fourth Monkey long ago - already good.
3) Downloading a high-quality-sound version just in case, because it's supposed to be an announcement.
4) I see some Animate Lower Jaw and hear Kewl Effectz!1. I could perhaps discern about one quarter of it with my English... if tried.
5) I just exit, right-click and choose Delete [no trash bin]. Without trying to discern words behind the echo-squeaking.
6) Checking the forum in an off-chance there's a transcription or discussion of something meaningful related to the announcement. Here's none.
7) The end. Total: loss of five minutes or so (including typing this) and something splashes down in the cache of my squid until the next reload.
8) Possible future "announcements from Mister Administrator" are now expected to be of interest and relevance equal with this (see #5-#7).
So, my only question is: uh, what was the point of making this at all? I'm genuinely puzzled.

edited 18th Sep '12 1:40:37 AM by TBeholder

...And even I make no pretense Of having more than common sense - R.W.Wood
 111 Endless Sea, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:34:25 PM from oh no you don't Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
It refers to the second season finale of Echo Chamber, aptly titled "Mind Screw". You may want to watch the episode immediately prior first, though.

Fun fact- now that the mods are cracking down on the video's comment section, the entire thread is flipping out. The internet backdraft page is gonna need some major editing soon...
why is productivity not happen D:
Also cute and fluffy
Thanks to everyone in this thread who explained this had something to do with the webseries. Finding it on the front page seriously weirded me out, and I had absolutely no idea to what it was referring.

 113 Sixthhokage1, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:44:58 PM from Fort Worth, TX
I think they just expected us all to be Genre Savvy enough to see it was an ARG :P
 114 Drunk Girlfriend, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:49:45 PM from Castle Geekhaven
[up] So is an an ARG, or is it just another Echo Chamber thing?
"I don't know how I do it. I'm like the Mr. Bean of sex." -Drunkscriblerian
Cheeky son of a....
Only problem I have is I keep knee jerking and thinking I have a PM, but I look forward to the ARG. ^^
 117 Raidouthe21st, Mon, 17th Sep '12 6:53:23 PM from Absolutely whacking your friends Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
U Jelly?
Isn't there a news box they could stick this announcement in, instead of at the top of the screen in such a distracting way?

Or at least make the box white, or smaller, or something.

It's not that I'm angry or I want to complain, but it really is kind of distracting, personally.

edited 17th Sep '12 6:55:51 PM by Raidouthe21st

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 118 Sessalisk, Mon, 17th Sep '12 7:01:49 PM from Wheeeeeeeee
Yes, could the bar please be a different colour? One that isn't the same colour as the announcement that you have a private message? Even red would be less distracting, imo. I keep glancing up there to see who messaged me. lol.
Caaan anybody find me... Somebody to ♠
So I'm examining all our evidence and something crossed my mind. Zalgo comes from "Behind The Wall". Isn't that one of the key phrases in this thing?

 120 nrjxll, Mon, 17th Sep '12 7:07:07 PM Relationship Status: Not war
Yes, could the bar please be a different colour? One that isn't the same colour as the announcement that you have a private message? Even red would be less distracting, imo. I keep glancing up there to see who messaged me. lol.

Seconded. The banner by itself is hardly obtrusive, but making it the same color as PM announcements makes it much worse.

 121 Mukora, Mon, 17th Sep '12 7:11:25 PM from a place Relationship Status: Love is an open door
Maybe I just don't get enough P Ms for the colour to be an issue.
 122 Sessalisk, Mon, 17th Sep '12 7:14:26 PM from Wheeeeeeeee
Yeah, it's not that I mind it being up there so much. It's an announcement bar, after all.

Mostly it's just confusing because I associate green bars at the top of the page with private messages that need to be addressed RIGHT THIS MINUTE OR ELSE THE WORLD WILL END. And my brain keeps sending off panic signals every second I delay this VERY IMPORTANT TASK. OH MY GOD ANSWER WHOEVER THAT IS RIGHT NOW GO ANSWER IT GO GO GO.

... That might just be me, though. [lol]

edited 17th Sep '12 7:18:22 PM by Sessalisk

Caaan anybody find me... Somebody to ♠
 123 Rhyme Beat, Mon, 17th Sep '12 7:17:08 PM from Eastern Standard Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
That's me too. It's giving me a headache to tell you the truth.
 124 nrjxll, Mon, 17th Sep '12 7:24:43 PM Relationship Status: Not war
It's particularly irritating to me because generally speaking I've never had much interest in this kind of thing, and specifically speaking I don't have much interest in Echo Chamber. So I really wish that the banner didn't look like a PM - i.e. something I would have an interest in immediately seeing.

Yeah, can the banner get changed somehow?

As for "ad blocking it" I don't think that specifically will help.

I mean, I'm not at all interested in AR Gs in general, so this sort of thing is just "Bleh" to me. I actually thought it was something important from Fast Eddie, and while I'm more than happy to respect that some people might enjoy this type of thing, not being able to dismiss it is irritating.

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