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Hmm. You must be lost. Tea?

I suppose that since you're here you want at least some sort of information about me. For some reason. I regularly fail to form complete and coherent thoughts. My explanations of those thoughts often leave much to be desired by people other than me. Mainly because those explanations are broken and fail to convey anything important about what I was talking about, if I wasn't talking about something unimportant or broken to begin with. I also have a tendency to ramble in a way that it is also incoherent. Flowing from one idea to the next for no particular reason. But it's all good. This is ultimately an internet forum, so it doesn't matter too much. Derails are apparently common here. Very nice.

I think it's important to mention that I'm also a hypocrite in many ways. Holding directly opposing viewpoints on subjects. Feel free to call me out on it. I don't think it will make much difference, but I'm willing to admit to hypocrisy.

I think most of this can be shortened lists and whatnot. But I need some time to play in the Sandbox before I can even begin to understand how to do the basic Folders. Technically savvy I am not.

Now shoo. Get outta here.

  • ...what if I refuse to shoo OR get outta here? -SOCR