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About Myself:

21/F/USA - Enjoys all sorts of scifi. Avid student of everything but currently working on degrees in the fields of Optical and Electrical Engineering. Also; Internet Diplomat and Furry. I've been roleplaying for around seven years now, but it's a constant learning experience.

I'm working on my own scifi novel series, but so far it's all a decade's worth of worldbuilding and no actual writing. This may change. Eventually. Hopefully.

Word of Warning: Sometimes I don't use the Preview function, which results in several rapid-fire edits to the same page. Don't worry, the only issue is my temporary incompetence.

Roleplaying Portfolio:

Active characters and games listed only. Characters from canons link to the canon from the name. OC from canon link to the canon from the OC tag. Full OC characters are unlinked.

Vandalism Ahead

  • —Sweeps hat and bows— Splendid page, Miss. -Colonial1.1

  • Vandalism! :D -Six Times Nine

  • You. Awesome. That's all there is to say on the matter.-Bindlestick
  • Fun to RP with. We have our differences, but a pretty good troper all around. -Dragon573

  • Curses! You foiled my evil scheme to make Dragon573 lose the game! Vengeance will be mine! MUA HA HA HA HA!!!!! -DJ Marred

  • Judo VANDALISE! Hi. -Test Your Might

  • Stay awesome my friend. -Dia

  • You vandalized me! -Mysty Glyttyr

  • Good ideas for mecha RP Gs. Just wish I could stick with them more >.> -Reven Vrake

Remember, you can do the impossible, but you can't do the implausible.