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I don't really know how obscure it is, but nobody I know really remembers it. I really, really liked Sheep in the Big City. I don't know what it was about the show, but it's stood out as one of the better shows that Cartoon Network's ever aired, at least for me. Mission Hill was also a good one.
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So agreed on Mission Hill. If there ever was a show that Needs More Love!
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I am fond of the 38 Parrots shorts.
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I actually liked Scaredy Squirrel for the like, two months that it was on CN. But I guess that's not so obscure if you're canadian. (By the by, anyone got the latter half of the series? I could only find a torrent of the first half, and even that's gone now.)

Another one that I have a soft spot for is Ovide and the Gang. Because platypi are inherently awesome.

By the by, there's a Bluffers episode on YouTube. You guys should really check that out. It's really quite dark and dystopian. It's the least 80s of the 80s cartoons.
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Legends of Treasure Island. The concept of the show is "Treasure Island meets magic, with a small dose of grimdark". I think it worked.

Thanks to some nice people from the UK, I now have full first season. I have no idea how to watch the second one.

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I'm pretty sure most of both seasons of The Legends of Treasure Island is on Youtube, albeit in rather bad quality. Remember watching it, fun at times, and liked the addition of Jane, but extremely trippy and sometimes non sensical.

It was made by Filmfair, the same guys who did The Dreamstone, and actually used a similar format (Super surreal Funny Animal adventure with hopeless villains). As I mentioned for both already, while pretty good in their own right, I kinda feel both were wasted potential execution wise, albeit mostly for near opposite reasons from the other.

Freezair: I only remember seeing one episode of that show (something about some sticky object clinging on to each of them and they try to get rid of it), and thinking it was surprisingly funny for something aimed at younger kids.

Oh, how could I forget this one? The Trap Door:

Awesome claymation, Willie Rushton is hilarious as all the voices, and one of the catchiest theme tunes ever (so much one episode is basically just a music video for the extended version).

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Ned's Newt has one of the catchiest intro tunes ever, and I remember Grizzly Tales being on every day at 4pm on CITV every weekday a few years ago.

Saw a couple of episodes of Heyyy, It's the King, a H-B talking animal show styled like Happy Days (especially the lead character). It's mostly pretty vanilla stuff, but Skids has enough quirks to make it worthwhile.
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Pretty much anything by Ivan Maximov, or more any Eastern European animation of that ilk. I love when animation baffles me a little, or enchants me with a sense of dream, and the art animators of the former Warsaw Pact region do that splendidly.
Here's an odd one I've only recently caught eye on, The Bluffers:

Basically imagine Sonic Sat Am's plot at it's most saccharine level, and mixed with So Bad It's Hilarious. Basically a bunch of forest animals defending themselves from a brainless dictator that's cut down most of their forest and possesses "The Secret Of Getting It All". Each episode has two musical numbers, the majority of which are so deranged and tone deaf you'll titter through them.

Trivia: Both Gene Deitch and Mike Jupp worked on this.

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37 JMQwilleran20th Dec 2012 10:53:39 AM from Dayton, Ohio , Relationship Status: Singularity
Toad Patrol is probably the most obscure one that I like. In the U.S. only aired for around two years in the wee morning hours of one of Disney's channels. Only saw two DVD releases of three eps each.
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39 Twentington20th Dec 2012 02:22:53 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
[up][up][up]I actually found a tape of The Bluffers at a thrift shop. Before that, I saw a different episode on YouTube and kinda liked it.
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I kinda liked that obscure Zorro cartoon from the nineties where Zorro was fighting supernatural creatures and mysteries all the time.
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Making Fiends for me. It's a miracle something as weird as it is even made it onto Nicktoons, if only for the short while it was up there.
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Yakkity Yak!

It was after the heyday of Nicktoons IMO, but was still a pretty fun show to watch. It's Canadian originally and Nickelodeon aired it for about a year in 2002-2003, then it vanished from Nick.

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43 Twentington21st Dec 2012 03:03:32 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
[up]I would love to see more of that. A couple episodes are on YT.

A friend told me that she thought Scaredy Squirrel felt a lot like Yakkity Yak. I can't find the second half of Scaredy anywhere and would love to. Anyone?
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Does anyone remember The Magician?

Used to be on Fox Kids, French makers?
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46 LostAnarchist1st Jan 2013 10:07:06 PM from Neo Arcadia Itself
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Jimmy Two-Shoes and Kick Buttowski are the only ones that come to mind for me, in terms of recent fare... Despite both shows having some disappointing/weaksauce episodes in their respective 2nd Seasons.
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Clone High.

Yeah, that 13-episode series from the people behind Cougar Town, Scrubs, the 21JumpStreet movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and the upcoming LEGO movie that didn't make it past Episode 9 in the United States. - _ -

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Ah, here it is. Yeah, that tune brings back memories. Couldn't watch that many episodes, though.

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49 truteal2nd Jan 2013 05:51:23 PM from the great southern land
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[up][up] Clone High has too much internet recognition mto be obscure
[up][up] That one! I also remember, it was in the same block here as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and a post-apolyptic one which name I don't remember but they were humans riding dragons against mutants for energy and to find a home.
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