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As does the irrelevant quote.
Chekhovs Legend as a separate trope makes sense to me.

which would leave All Myths Are True as something like "a work considers all preexisting myths potential Canon Fodder." (like the page image shows)

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It seems that almost everyone has agreed on a split. So... anyone up for doing a YKTTW Chekhovs Legend or should i try my hand at it?

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Is dast der Zerstorer? Odar die Schopfer?
You seem to be arguing, "No, lots of real world myths are used in a work is what it DOES mean!"
Yes. I thought that was pretty clear.
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I'm lost. What does the article say it means?

IMHO, as long as we're joking about going rogue with a Chekhov snowclone, I want to propose Legend Of Chekhov over Chekhovs Legend.

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Shanghai Slave: Ganbatte yo. You can actually just copy most of the description over from All Myths Are True to the Legend Of Chekhov YKTTW.

It's okay to go rogue because in TRS, Our Snowclones Are Tastier. We're not actually joking here, because this is a true relative of Chekhov's Gun — an early detail becomes important to the plot later. The Legend of Chekhov with a redirect from Legend Of Chekhov and Chekhovs Myth sounds best to me — the first so it's less snowcloney, the latter so plurals are easier.

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So what's All Myths Are True going to be? Bear in mind that as pointed out before, it has a lot of inbound links, so it should probably provide something useful for all those visitors.

Or should we wait til we've sorted out this new split-off trope first?

I'll do the YKTTW. And here it is.

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[up] Sweet. I was going to make it but i figured I'll just see how it's done for TRS tropes.
Is dast der Zerstorer? Odar die Schopfer?
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[up] Just like any normal YKTTW, but:

  • you announce at the top that it is a TRS YKTTW for (whatever trope(s) that are concerned)
  • you can copy-paste any relevant descriptions, examples etc. off the existing TRS-ed trope(s)

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And the real page is launched! The Legend of Chekhov

Also created the redirects:

Legend Of Chekhov

Chekhovs Legend

Chekhovs Myth

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This is probably the first time (in recent memory, at least) there's ever been consensus for making a Chekhov snowclone as opposed to renaming one.
[up] Does renaming Chekhov's Lecture to Chekhov's Classroom count?
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[up][up] Sometimes, people understand what Chekhov's Snowclones are for. Which does wonders for my believe in the troperdom.
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^ Which, of course, means 9 times out of 10.
So what about the current page? Redirecting it to Fantasy Kitchen Sink?
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[up]I support this.

And thanks for creating Legend Of Chekhov. It's about time!
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I think probably the discussion about what to do with All Myths Are True would need to be its own thread, or possibly in the Planet Eris discussion over there which is trying to make sense of Fantasy Kitchen Sink and all its related tropes.
...but this is the "what to do with All Myths Are True" thread. It just got sidetracked into a related issue.

It probably should redirect to Fantasy Kitchen Sink. It's got a lot of inbound links bringing people who will be expecting something like that trope.
All Myths Are True found in: 630 articles, excluding discussions.

Since January 1, 2011 this article has brought 6,367 people to the wiki from non-search engine links.

Fantasy Kitchen Sink found in: 661 articles, excluding discussions.

Since January 1, 2011 this article has brought 906 people to the wiki from non-search engine links.

Just for context.
I'm not sure if a redirect is the best way to go. There is a difference between fantasy and mythology. Maybe it's the distinction between All Myths Are True and Fantasy Kitchen Sink that has to be redefined.

Besides, you can have All Myths Are True without it being fantasy (Stargate SG-1, for example). The trope description mentions several ways this could happen ("versions where the myth is based on truth but people got the details wrong").

As I said before, All Myths Are True can cause a Fantasy Kitchen Sink. But they're not the same thing.
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Until now, All Myths Are True has been the trope now called Legend Of Chekhov, which needn't lead to Fantasy Kitchen Sink. But people misused it to mean different things, some of which do lead to Fantasy Kitchen Sink.
Whew! Finished combing through All Myths Are True examples to find (or edit) the ones that are appropriate Legend Of Chekhov examples. (And I see Troacctid did some editing of his own — thanks, I did get sidetracked on a few of those.) Though it does seem a shame to leave out the de-mythification of the city of Troy just because it really happened. grin

[up][up]So, I asked this before but I don't think I really got an answer — Is All Myths Are True really tropable?

A work where you have many or all the real-world myths coexisting side by side is a Fantasy Kitchen Sink. So what is All Myths Are True that's reasonably distinct? In other words, can you give me an example of work where All Myths Are True that is NOT a Fantasy Kitchen Sink? Or can you show me a Fantasy Kitchen Sink work that does not feature All Myths Are True? These seem to be virtually interchangable.

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Page Action: All Myths Are True
14th Jun '12 5:40:04 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
All Myths Are True is being misused as "real world myths are used in a work", while it really is about a myth turning out to be true after mentioned in-universe.

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