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The name's very, very misleading; according to the trope description a Little Kid Lover is a innocent character who gets mistaken for a pedophile due to out-of-context behavior but (unsurprisingly) a lot of people assume it's about pedophiles in general and link to it whenever anything even remotely related to pedophilia is being described.

Out of exactly 100 wicks 40 were misuse. 39 were just substitutes for the word "pedophile" and 1 was just about a character who's friendly to children.

I've already cleaned up all the misuse but I think we should rename this to prevent further confusion.
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The issue with that is that we don't really have a trope for pedophiles. Official policy is that anything regarding pedophiles should be wicked to Pædo Hunt, a trope that was originally about people utilizing the outrage over pedophiles to further their own goals. We're apparently not supposed to make other tropes regarding the issue. At least, that was the case last time I checked.

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There is a pedophile trope in YKTTW. It's a bit of a mess right now though, and I'm not sure what Fast Eddie has to say about the creation of another trope about pedophiles.
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I had a trope about pedophiles in YKTTW until Fast Eddie said no to it. Are you referring to that or is there a new one?
There's a new one, but it's kind of a mess because it's simply "Pedophile". Which by itself is no more tropeworthy than "Gay". Evil Pedophile on the other hand, would make sense as a trope.

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The issue here isn't that there isn't an actual trope about pedophiles, the issue is that people think Little Kid Lover is one, which it isn't.
What is this "sleep" you speak of?
Ginger: Yes, but the point I was originally making was that the misuse was natural and because of a reason similar to Missing Supertrope Syndrome: There's nowhere else to dump the trope, so they send it there.

Lu: My original YKTTW was pedophiles as villains. Also, really, a pedophile in a work is usually going to be significant.
And here I thought it was supposed to be what Friend to All Children turns out to be.

Rename to Mistaken for Pedophile.

[up]Mistaken for Pedophile works, I guess.
Support the rename. Mistaken for Pedophile is so much clearer.
But don't you see? The name is completely innocent, but people mistake it for being about pedophiles because they take it out of context. It's genius.

Mistaken for Pedophile works. Though shouldn't it be Mistaken For Paedophile to be consistent with Pædo Hunt?
[up] I do like the fancy British spelling. We might as well use consistent terms throughout the wiki.
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I like Mistaken for Pedophile (with the British spelling as an alternative).
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Mistaken for Pedophile works perfectly.
What is this "sleep" you speak of?
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I'm perfectly fine with Mistaken for Pedophile. I'm honestly surprised that this trope wasn't named something like that already.
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Makes sense to me. I'm also always against British spelling. Armour? Seriously? What's the "u" for?
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[up]And British people could equally well say that American spelling is weird. Neither is right, nor wrong.
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It's the same word however you spell it. Please, let's not derail into that.

We can make a British redirect or whatever if desired. Coming up with a clear name is the main concern here, never mind the spelling.
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Calling crowner in favor of renaming.
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Crowners switched out.
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Mistaken For Molester is, if anything, the fitting name for a supertrope. Mistaken For A Pedophile - not sure if the "A" is necessary.

Alternative Titles: Little Kid Lover
24th Apr '12 7:58:37 AM
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