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Cure Candy
The double standard tropes are pretty much how all types but Male On Female can be considered ok a vast majority of the time Funny (... To the point where these tropes should have funny in their name IMO.) or treated as kinky.
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I don't think he meant the intended use of the trope is chairs, but what seems to be the way it is used. I.e., "a woman rapes a man" is chairs, "a woman rapes a man and it was portrayed as being all right' is not.
The child is father to the manOedipus
[up]This, pretty much. I've added something to the end of the description of Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male that should clarify that.
What I was actually asking was whether female-on-male rape was tropable, implying that if it was maybe we should make that the/a trope and give it a name to match.
I agree with Morgan on this and think the same thing sould be done with female on female rape.

Some people like Autumncomet, and Katrika have gone a little overboard cutting examples and several good entries like a documentary discussing this trope were removed. It douse not have to be shown to be better then male on female rape if that form of rape douse not usually exist in that work, and if somebody did add the information it would probably be cut for not being about his trope. I think they should re add a few things that were cut

If you guys are talking about splitting Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male, then yeah, I guess you could do that.

[up]Do you mind specifying which ones I ought to re-add? I cut the examples that I (personally) thought either averted the trope sufficiently to warrant a mention or played the Double Standard pretty clear. I mean, they're all right there in the history. I will go back and look for the documentary. Was it for this trope or another one?

It douse not have to be shown to be better then male on female rape if that form of rape douse not usually exist in that work
I'm very confused. What does this mean? The point of the trope is that there is a double standard attached to certain types of rape. "Females raping males" with no value judgement attached either goes to a supertrope or a sister trope I would say, but not this one.
"Females raping males" with no value judgement attached either goes to a supertrope or a sister trope I would say, but not this one.

I'd say this is chairs, actually.
It's easy, mmkay?
Would Romanticized Rape be a name more neutral than Rape Is Love while broader than Victim Falls For Rapist? It could also be applied to Stalking Is Love to create Romanticized Stalking.

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At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
That sounds rather broad.

I think the Victim Falls For Rapist part and the "She will love me if I rape her" part of Rape Is Love should be split into two tropes, but that's for our leisure time in TRS.
[up][up][up] It would take to long to list them all because you seem to be cutting most of the entries and I can not figure out what your criteria is. Several works that were cut talk about how it was treated ok or the person was easily forgiven, sectons of them had previously been cut for not be on topic or being natter that expanded on this subject. Most of the works you cut the subject was treated as ok but the entry did not go into much details or some one felt there was justification for what was said

The documentary was actually referring to something cut by Katrika from the female on female article. And what I meant in that sentence was that if male on female rape was not present then female on male rape can still be considered bad.

Remember improve donít remove entries if they fit this trope

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She cannot improve entries on works she doesn't know. Don't ask her to do that. If an example is unclear, it's the fault of the person who wrote it, and we have no obligation whatsoever to go searching for someone who knows it, especially when we're on a tight schedule. All she can do is pull to discussion.

Natter will be zapped, expanding or not. Conversation is for the forums.

And the documentary was (presumably) zapped for being Real Life. Rape Tropes get no real life examples. Period.

You also seem to lack understanding of what People Sit on Chairs means.

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I believe that if you do not know the context you should not remove the entry just because you are ignorant about it. I trust people that have actually seen the work to make the call. Also what tight schedule are we on to cut these pages. The documentary while dealing with a real life subject but it was also a movie about this trope and fair game for that section.

Also you do not seem to have read the chairs page as female on male rape is usually not something that happens normally or incidentally and is usually a significant event in the story being told.

I was also being serious about that comment about seeing a therapist it was not a joke, reading this wikiís entire on abusive parents and complete monsters helped me relies just how much my relationship with my father was screwed up, and went a long way in me seeking help to improve it. I hope this wiki can help other people relise problims in their lives to.

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[up]This wiki, alas, is a fun place not a therapy or professional help centre - kinda bad combination.

Also, I recommend putting some punctuation in your posts as they are kinda hard to read.

Also what she ([down]) said.

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People cleaning up tropes are encouraged to pull examples that are confusing or zero context to discussion, otherwise nothing would get done. If the example fits, it can be returned to the page better written.

As to the deadline, one of our ad servers has pulled 1/3 of our ad revenue for "explicit content". We need to get these sort of cleanups done now, not in five months or a year when some fan of the show happens to notice the example is wrong.

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Waiting on a TRS slot? Finishing off one of these cleaning efforts will usually open one up.
Also you do not seem to have read the chairs page as female on male rape is usually not something that happens normally or incidentally and is usually a significant event in the story being told.

It is significant when it has meaning. "Rape happened" is not a trope. "Rape happened for this reason and has x consequences" is a trope. If you find such a thing, feel free to bring it up on YKTTW. It is not what we do here.

And this is the way the wiki works. If no one can clean up those pages, we can do nothing but remove the content. A bad example or one without context is not supposed to be on the page. That's the way things are.

edited 8th Apr '12 2:28:32 PM by lu127

Most of the entries had context for the situation but did not elaborate on them comparing them to other rapes in that work. Which seemes to be what the person editing this wants.

I did not know about another third of the ad revenue being pulled because of explicit material but I do not see anything explicit that was cut can you give me an example because I am not the best judge on the subject.

Sorry about my spelling and grammar I am not felling all that well this month

I'll go through the history later tonight and add the stuff I deleted (not the natter, the examples) to the discussion pages, but most of the examples were "a female raped a male (in X horrible circumstance)" which may be this trope but we're in a crisis right now.

Could you please add the documentary entry back yourself to the appropriate page? I'm a bit tied with real life right now. Or, if you can't edit the wiki for whatever reason, post the entry here.

[up]That's okay

Yes, the comparison is an important part of the trope. If you don't think it is or think it needs to be split, bring it to the Trope Repair Shop. It's tricky to add works that don't have any other rapes in them, but that might be an issue for TRS (ie, after this crisis). I think it's a fair question to ask "would the creator of this work have treated the rape different were the genders changed" and based on my minimal knowledge of the examples, I can't make that judgment call.

Head over to the Wiki Talk forums if you want more information about Google pulling ads. But the Rape Tropes were marked as needing cleaning of explicit stuff. I cut some explicit stuff (mostly description; do we really care if the rapist had large breasts?) and decided to cut natter, Zero Context Examples, and examples that didn't elaborate on the Double Standard enough. I kept most of the examples that went "and imagine this with the rapist being male" to look at later, since they at least tried to keep to the trope.
Question about double standard rape female on male: do any of you see misuse for just any female on male rape? I had to snip one of those, but..
Just recently discovered this controversy, and the suggestion may be too late, but replacing the fetishized term Rape with Sexual Assault, Sex Abuse, etc., at least in titles, may cover some of your problems.
Word from the top is that until Google responds, we're not doing anything further at this time.
My only compliant I have about this rape trope clean-up is that now the Mind Rape trope is no more even though it doesn't technically involve rape. Maybe we can rename that trope.
Scunthorpe Problem at work, wait for word from the top, that is all.
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Has there been any word from the top lately? I'm not sure where to follow what's going on.
I have a question, and there's no way to really come out with it without rustling some feathers or coming off as insensitive/as a creep/etc. ...

What happened to the pages? Are they gone for good?

As touchy, horrible and cringe-worthy as those unfortunate tropes may be, I'd hate to see a part of internet history just be purged like that.

Now for some naming suggestions:

Mind Rape => Mind Violation, Soul Violation, Mind Break

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There was an unspecified problem with Google regarding one of the rape pages. As a result, all the pages with "rape" in the title have (temporarily) been put behind an automatic wall so that they are inaccessible. Their ultimate fate depends on what Google tells us about what their problem actually was. Right now we're just waiting; there is nothing to do at the moment.

Alternative Titles: Rape As Redemption
5th Jul '12 2:10:25 AM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
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