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The current Rape Tropes index has been cited as having problematic names that interfere with our ad revenue. Thus, it has been generally agreed that any trope names that encourage the attitude of rape being acceptable need to be renamed. The discussion took place here where there is ongoing discussion over what else we should do regarding the subject.

We will begin with the Rape Tropes index and look for any titles that seem to be overly endorsing of the subject matter such as the Rape Is Okay clone family and Rape Is Love.

First five titles to be considered:

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Let's tackle the "Rape is OK" tropes first
I now go by Graf von Tirol.
That's also an acceptable place to start as those are very problematic names.

Here is a sandbox where we will list the names that need to be addressed.
I think Rape Is Okay When It Is Female On Male would do well as Double Standard Rape or something similar.

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Maybe change it to "Its Not Rape If X"? It's not much better, but its all I can think of.

[up] Or that.

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[up]If anything, that's worse.

Double Standard Rape works for me.
Double Standard Rape is a good name for a supertrope, but how will it address the subtropes it encompasses?
Cure Candy
[up]x4 I would suggest repurpose those into Sexual Harrasment Is Ok When It Is Female On Male or Sexual Harrasment Is Funny When It Is Female On Male and such because that is the typical form of this trope not rape.

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Seeking for Light
Also agree that Double Standard Rape would work.
Surfing the forums
Abusively Sexy is such a terrible name, holy hell.

I can't blame Google for jumping on that and I'm guilty of not bringing it up sooner.
Prince of Dorne
My ideas would be to have titles that distance ourselves from the tropes.

E.g. "Abuse Depicted as Sexy" for example, or "Men under general suspicion" or something like that.
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[up] Agreed. Double Standard Rape is much more "clean" than the original name yet, still applies to the description.
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Cure Candy
Abusively Sexy and Abusively Sexy Woman are really Abuse Tropes not Rape Tropes

Going to vote cut off the index.

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Double Standard Rape does work out.

As for Divine-on-Mortal and Female-on-Female... any suggestions?
I now go by Graf von Tirol.
Discar: That works. That entire clone family can take those names.
Seeking for Light
[up][up] There's Discar's suggestion (post 13). It just plainly states what the double standard is, without making it sound like it's good.

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Cure Candy
Rape Is Okay If Its Divine On Mortal does not quite fit the Double Standard Rape family really.

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I can't blame Google for jumping on that

Google did not jump on that. They jumped on explicit stuff.

Anyway, is Double Standard Rape okay with everyone?
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[up][up] It implies that the gods can get away with things normal humans wouldn't be allowed to. That's a form of Double Standard.

[up] Discar's version is. I know we're trying to move quickly, but we may want to wait more than a few minutes before conclusively deciding on a rename, though.

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[up][up][up] We could rename it Double Standard Rape: Divine On Mortal, to fit with the Double Standard Rape: Man On Man example given.

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With the Rape Is Okay If Its X On Y thingy out of the way at least for the moment, is Its Not Rape If You Enjoyed It problematic? Discar sort of brought that one up.

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23 shimaspawn6th Apr 2012 02:40:34 PM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Double Standard Rape: is fine to me for replacing Rape Is Ok When It's. It should be simple enough to trade one snowclone for the other.
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[up][up] I think so, probably.

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Double Standard Rape definitely sounds like a good name for this.

Alternative Titles: Its Not Rape If You Enjoyed It
5th Jun '12 10:38:57 PM
Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
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