Removing complaining, bashing and other negativity from the wiki:

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1 SeptimusHeap26th Mar 2012 03:35:56 AM from Zurich, Switzerland , Relationship Status: Mu
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Inspired by this thread, I've noticed that this wiki doesn't have a dedicated cleanup thread for negativity.

As we all know, Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, Creator Bashing and other negativity isn't desired on the wiki, except in a few selected areas like reviews and several Darth Wiki pages (and even then, with limitations). And yet, it's one of the most common sins wiki contributors can make.

So, if you find a page, YKTTW or discussion whose content seems like a straight-up insult or any other bitching - including complainy soapboxing -, you might ask here for help with removing said content.
2 lu12726th Mar 2012 10:00:21 AM from the Forest of Thorns , Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
So, let's kickstart this.

I dislike Twilight a lot, but the sheer negative natter it generates everywhere is really annoying. Negativity aside, the natter alone is pretty bad.
Ahh, the perfect thread. Video Brinquedo is nothing but complaining. The page image is complaining. Fortunately only one of their works has a page, Ratatoing, and that's still complaining (but not as bad).
Memories, huh?
The page for Steven Seagal is basically one long Take That against him. I don't know much about him besides that he's not very popular, but pointing out every little thing that makes him suck is a bit far.
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5 Martello27th Mar 2012 09:28:06 AM from Black River, NY
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Ugh, you're right. I hate the idea that just because a certain public figure isn't popular right now, he should be fair game for bashing on a wiki like ours. On the forums, fine, but not on the creator pages. I watch the Frank Miller page just to remove that kind of bullshit, but of course I'm actually a Frank Miller fan. Seagal is a huge douche-bag, but that shouldn't matter to us at this site.

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Argh, there's a little too much complaining here on Historical Re Creation for me to tackle myself.
What do people think of this draft for Rejected By History?

Sounds to me like a breeding ground for trying to give credence to complaining by claiming that "History" is on your side. Some of the works listed are only a few years old.

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8 SeptimusHeap27th Mar 2012 02:00:28 PM from Zurich, Switzerland , Relationship Status: Mu
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And it has the umpteenth debate about YMMV in YKTTW.

I think that if we can't add some strong objective criteria to it, the guaranteed Opinion Creep will make it a TRS or cutlist guest.
9 lu12727th Mar 2012 02:12:43 PM from the Forest of Thorns , Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
I have a strong urge to nuke that.
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11 TheOneWhoTropes28th Mar 2012 01:13:24 AM from Leigh, Lancashire, England (Viertes Reich) , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
I like this webcomic.
[up]Obliged. EXTERMINATUS!

There are a lot of creepy actress, actor pages left. If I stumble upon one while doing other things, I'll let you know.

Damn - wrong thread. Then again, I could actually have to report it here as well, judging by Steven Seagal's page.

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What about the page for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry? It has quite a bit of negativity…but if it were to be removed, you'd end up nuking most of the content, and it's admittedly a very difficult movie to write about in a neutral tone.
13 BearyScary29th Mar 2012 10:31:26 PM , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
I'm all for making things less negative around here. The Steven Seagal "article" is a prime example of something in need of a rewrite or even a page lock, so that no one can sneak negativity back on there.

A few other examples of things that get bashed are The Secret Life of the American Teenager (does it have "abysmal writing"? Possibly. Do we need to have that particular wisdom bequeathed to us even on the YMMV page? No.) and the Silent Hill page, albeit less so. I'm sure we'll come up with more examples. I'll try to cut/reword plain ol' bashing, should I encounter it on the wiki.
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14 wuggles31st Mar 2012 12:07:52 PM from Miami, FL , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The page for Hush, Hush is extremely negative, especially the YMMV page. We basically have 5 examples discussing how much some troper hates the main characters.
Memories, huh?
Well, I cleaned up Seagal's page. Turns out the discussion for it isn't entirely nice either ("Yeah...why do I think it's Fast Eddie's fault? Oh, yeah, because Eddie always does shit like that." "Does Steven Seagal really need protection from a hatedom?"). The comments are from last year, but should I report it at ATT anyway?
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16 SeptimusHeap31st Mar 2012 12:39:26 PM from Zurich, Switzerland , Relationship Status: Mu
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Yes, report it. Or holler it, linking to the dsicussion.
18 lu1275th Apr 2012 11:48:38 AM from the Forest of Thorns , Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
Yeah, no. There's a reason Squick is exampleless.
19 Komodin5th Apr 2012 11:57:23 AM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Yeah, I can see that turning into a complaint-and-justifying-edit hive in no time flat. It should probably be scrapped or reworked extensively.

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20 Oreochan5th Apr 2012 12:28:44 PM from Pennsylvania
It appears that Steven T is repeatedly making these types of YKTT Ws. He should probably be warned in a pm to not do this again or he would most likely won't get access to YKTTW anymore .

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Draft for Post Movie Rot: When the quality of a show suddenly goes downhill after the movie adaptation.

Keep or discard?
22 BearyScary7th Apr 2012 06:37:05 PM , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
That's not a trope, it's an audience reaction. It's like a more specific version of Seasonal Rot, so I say, ditch it. Will anyone really be entertained by reading about something like that? And not just a Hatedom.
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23 lu1278th Apr 2012 12:26:18 AM from the Forest of Thorns , Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
Steven T again? This person is showing a pattern by constantly coming up with complaining gateways.
Gentle personal messages to that address explaining that we are not about complaints would be
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25 SeptimusHeap8th Apr 2012 03:20:48 PM from Zurich, Switzerland , Relationship Status: Mu
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The page Robert Stanek was just reported on Ask The Tropers for having been hit by a vandal. I've repaired the vandalism and cleaned the example section, but someone should take a look at the description since it seems to be Creator Bashing.

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