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This is the sticky thread for questions related to the namespacing of works. As in, "which is the right namespace for this work?"

Ideally, questions already answered are covered on the Namespace Map. If you know a namespacing issue has already been resolved, but it is not yet documented on the Map, please update the Map.

If you want to suggest a new namespace, don't post here, but in Suggesting New Namespaces instead.
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301 Xtifr28th Jul 2012 01:15:20 PM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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[up]I saw a case like that recently while fixin' wicks, where something had a page like Anime/FooOVA, with links to and from Anime/Foo. I don't remember the work's name, but if the OVA really is that distinct, that seems like it might be a reasonable approach.
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302 DragonQuestZ28th Jul 2012 02:14:24 PM from Somewhere in California
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[up]And by a happy coincidence, such a solution was also brought up in that other thread.
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What is the deal with Hazuko Shirayuki's Brotastic Adventure? The only mention of it I can find is in NaNoWriMo, but if it only exists in novel form, then you can't really put it under manga.

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Is that page worth keeping? No tropes, first-person stuff, it isn't published (the Na No site doesn't support publishing your novel, just a brief extract)... I reckon it belongs in Darth Wiki/ as an unpublished work.
305 SeptimusHeap31st Jul 2012 02:43:45 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
A manga in progress ought to go to Darth Wiki, at least.
306 lu1274th Aug 2012 05:02:16 AM from 空蝉丸
Well, then feel free to move it.

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307 SeptimusHeap4th Aug 2012 06:45:08 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Maybe it goes to Franchise/. It needs an index as well.
308 Oreochan9th Aug 2012 06:21:48 PM from Pennsylvania
Where do pages for forums like Jelly Neo Forums and Sega Forums get namespaced at? WebSite/ or something?
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Hello... I'm new to this whole page creation business so forgive me for anything stupid that I might bring up :D

Anyway, I'm here to ask as to which namespace I should put Kagerou Project in? It's a series of songs, but it also has a novel and manga... An anime is also in the works.

Basically, the songs and the novel go hand in hand and the whole plot is best understood when you have them together. The manga is based on the novel, and the anime is yet to be released.

I originally thought of making a creator page for the song writer, but considering how it's a whole series with a complex plot and many characters I thought that maybe I should put it on another page. I also thought of placing it under light novels, but the songs are an integral part to the series so now I'm not quite sure....

Should I make a separate music page and have a link on it leading to the light novel, and then make the main page a disambiguation page? I feel like that would be the best course of action seeing as there are so many aspects to the whole series in general, but I'm not quite sure.
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310 Deboss20th Aug 2012 04:20:25 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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Franchise might work best as the "main" page for where most of it is discussed.
Manga.The Truth About Bleach is misplaced. It's not actually a manga, but a parody of the manga Bleach in the same way Abridged Series are parodies of other anime. Where would it go?
312 SeptimusHeap20th Aug 2012 02:28:27 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Which medium is it?
313 Deboss21st Aug 2012 03:01:14 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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I think it counts as webcomic maybe? The same as something like Darths & Droids does.
[up] Sounds about right.

Now, Welcome to the didn't start as an anime. It started as a [[ novel.]] The manga and anime are adaptations...where to move it?

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315 SeptimusHeap23rd Aug 2012 09:42:20 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Split the page between them, or in the absence of knowledge required for the split ask in a Trope Repair Shop thread or in the show's forum thread.
Why? According to Wikipedia, I can't find any differences significant enough to merit a split.
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Then go to the original medium, Literature/.
318 Mercy27th Aug 2012 06:32:10 PM from Sydney, Australia
Could someone please point me at some documentation for how to create a new page in a manner that ensures that it goes into the correct namespace?
This page contains a list of currently supported namespaces. Um I don't really know about "ensuring" per way to be certain you're doing it right would be, like, to ask here and get someone to check your work? I guess?

Hope that helps.

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320 Mercy28th Aug 2012 02:55:17 AM from Sydney, Australia
Not a lot. I know the namespace I want to use, but I'm puzzled about how to create a new work page so that it goes into that namespace.

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Just type TheNamespaceYouNeed/TheWorkName in the sandbox or this thread or something, click the link, and edit that page. If you say what the page and namespace are, someone can make the link and maybe do a null edit to the page for you.
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New Sith Brotherhood: Roleplay website. Normally I'd put it in Roleplay/, but I don't know whether to do Website/ instead in this case since it isn't a specific RP game and the trope list begins with "This website includes examples of".
Well try this test. If you're describing it to someone who's never heard of it before, would you start with "New Sith brotherhood is a website..." or "New Sith Brotherhood is a roleplay..."?
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New Sith Brotherhood is a roleplay website. New Sith Brotherhood is an <adjective> <noun> (alternatively, NSB is a website for roleplay). Therefore, website. Thanks!
Paradise Lost is the name of a book and of a band. The book currently has a YMMV page. I just removed some YMMV tropes from the Music.Paradise Lost page... and found I have nowhere to move them. Uh, what do I do? Should the band's page be renamed Music.Paradise Lost (Band) ?

Anyway, here're the entries, for posterity.
* Fanon Discontinuity - Many fans disregard the band's synthrock era.
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