Tropers and Personalities 2 Jung Typology Test:

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51 Korochun9th Sep 2011 04:51:16 PM from Elsewhere (send help!)
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Funny part is, I've taken that test over fifteen times in my life, in different formats, media, and so on. As I have grown up, I've answered many questions in a radically different way, yet I still always get INTP.

56% introverted 88% intuitive 62% thinking 22% perceiving

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I am ENFP which is funny because another forum I go to linked this and most people were introverted.
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I am ENTP. For some reason, though, I get along really well with INTJs. I am also reviving this thread. cool

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It was fun to find this much about different personalities. Btw I'm a 78 Extraverted, 38 Intuitive, 25 Feeling and 33 Judging ENFJ which sounds kind of right. Even if I expected a result somewhere on the border of Feeling and Thinking.
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Your Type is ENFJ Extraverted 56% Intuitive 38% Feeling 25% Judging 44%

Not sure how I keep on getting ENFJ D:

Funny part is, I've taken that test over fifteen times in my life, in different formats, media, and so on. As I have grown up, I've answered many questions in a radically different way, yet I still always get INTP.

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I'm an INFJ/INFP. Funny thing is, most of my family members compare me to famous INFJ/P characters (Anne Shirley, Emily Byrd Starr, and, on occasions, Spongebob, despite being an ENFP or ESFP).
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58 OrangeSpider16th Oct 2011 05:05:47 PM from Ursalia , Relationship Status: On the prowl
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Isfp here.
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59 Sakan4k17th Oct 2011 02:41:42 AM from The Other Rainforest
There are a lot of fucking introverts here...
61 Sakan4k17th Oct 2011 02:45:45 AM from The Other Rainforest
Considering that we're socializing over our computers instead of in person should be a big hint.
Probably... reading through the thread, though, I noticed that everyone more or less has the same few types, repeated. It's not even a sample of all types of introverts, which is a funny coincidence.
63 Sakan4k17th Oct 2011 02:49:58 AM from The Other Rainforest
Perhaps there are only so many types of Tropers?


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64 MilosStefanovic17th Oct 2011 03:06:51 AM from White City, Ruritania
I'm xxTJ. Hah.
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It seems I am an INTJ Mastermind-class personality.

It makes sense. I prefer to plan everything out before I do something.

Also explains the dozen world domination plans in my basement.

EDIT: Rise, thread, rise!

I didn't realize this was so old.

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66 TheWanderer22nd Mar 2012 12:11:05 AM from New York , Relationship Status: The new Mrs. Reynolds
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Still come up as INTP.

Off the record, I hate things that ask anything beyond a simple question and only give yes and no as answers. What ever happened to sometimes? It depends? That doesn't apply to me either way? Etc. etc.
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67 jejl22nd Mar 2012 07:02:49 AM from Inside a Hallow Volcano
Are there here any other ENFP????
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I always get INTJ on these things, but I think I fit INFJ better.
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I hate these, but I'm bored right now, so...


Introverted - 44, Sensing - 25, Feeling - 62, Judging - 22

I don't really think of myself as introverted, I love being around people, but oh well...

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To be fair, most of these tests are going to be inaccurate. The Briggs-Meyer is vague because you're supposed to have a follow-up with your shrink later on before you're classified. Just taking the test alone is going to lead to false-positives.

For example, if I take the test as I behave, I score an INTJ.

HOWEVER, if I retake the test as I want to behave, I'm an ENFJ. In reality, I'm probably somewhere between the two.

That's where the psychology comes in if I want to determine my actual type. Because of an anxiety disorder, I'm nowhere near as outgoing as I feel the need to be, and the discrepancy between types indicates a need for further counselling.
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Are there here any other ENFP????

I am an ENFP
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[up][up]I have actually followed up on this sort of thing. I definately fit the INTJ classification.
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74 BokhuraBurnes23rd Mar 2012 12:22:01 AM from Inside the Bug Pit
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INFP yeah.
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I got...INTJ. Figures. Numbers are:

  • Introverted - 100
  • intuitive - 50
  • thinking - 12
  • judging - 11

Do I get a prize for 100%? :P

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