Tropers: The Wanderer

Hey there, I'm James. I stumbled onto Tv Tropes back in October of 2007 and quickly became an addict. I started off just reading and posting anonymous examples back when you could still do that, then got known and moved up to writing new tropes, work articles, etc. I'm a bit of an all around geek, especially when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy lit and anime.

My biggest contributions:

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    Tropes I suggested and others launched: 
    Tropes created, written and launched by me: 

    Wrote articles for the following tropes, works or historical figures: 

    Significantly rewrote/expanded the description of the following tropes or works: 

    Significantly changed these tropes: 
  • Gut Feeling (added 2 of the 3 variations)
  • Foil (turned it into a supertrope/index)

    Tropes that apply to me 

    Favorite Works (no order) 

    Feel free to vandalize here 
  • Hello there. It's always weird to find someone with no vandalism on their page. I guess you haven't spent a ton of time on the Just for Fun side of the forums. Anyways, it's nice to meet you. I'm Completely Normal Guy
    • Nice to meet you too. Thanks for the kind words. :) And aside from stopping into It Just Awes me, no I've haven't really spent any time in Just For Fun. Might do a little bit more of it now though.
  • Why hello...-Xiphos Orochi 666