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Here is a name for Head Scratchers: Questions And Answers Corner

On a side note, am I the only one that thinks that Wall Banger and Frigid Logic are redundant? Doesn't Head Scratchers cover everything that the other two do?

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Fridge Logic and HS are conceptually different, occur for different reasons, and are treated in a different way. Mixing them is inviting trouble, although admittedly they both can use the same... web impllementation. As for Wall Banger, I'm... not sure what to say there.
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Wall Banger is not the same as Headscratchers. Making the distinction between the two of them was the main reason it was renamed from It Just Bugs Me.
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Questions? Represented as an icon of a question mark.
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That icon would be too close to the one for Trivia, which is an interrobang (‽). Good name, though I don't know if it would get newcomers mixed up with discussion pages or not

OP: Headscratchers for tropes are in the process of being cut.
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