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Badassery Abounds -- A Long-Term Short Story Writing Adventure:

Chaos is a friend to me Hey tropers.

I've decided to undertake a year-long (minimum) project of writing a series of short stories all taking place in the same universe. The gimmick is that I want to include every single badass thing that can be thought of in the stories.

I've got a bit of a list of things I want to include so far Mecha, cool anachronisms, dieselpunk/cyberpunk, la resistance, cultists, cosmic horrors, magic, government conspiracies, improbable situations, xanatos gambits, apocalypses and apocalyptic settings, sword fighting, mutants, chainsaws, motorcycles, car chases, bomb defusing, energy weapons, lightning guns, dinosaurs, lava/magma, zombies, mad science, dictators, insane amounts of symbolism (meaningful and meaningless), skydive fighting, gun-fu/gun-kata, horseback riding, indestructable determinators, dragons, ninjas, pirates, martial arts, samurai, mazes, rock music, rayguns, sky pirates, zepplins, western elements, angels and demons.

Got anything else that you just KNOW needs to be added to the list of unending badass elements?
In times of change, learners inherit the Earth and the learned find themselves perfectly equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists
If you're doing dieselpunk/steampunk, there must be Technology Porn. Promise me.

xanatos gambits

But no Indy Ploy?

Also, parkour.

edited 29th Mar '11 8:42:04 AM by melloncollie

 3 Tera Chimera, Tue, 29th Mar '11 8:46:44 AM from somewhere out there
Cool Celtic Composition
Guns Akimbo and Leap and Fire, unless those're included under gun fu. Explosions. Gatling guns. Explosions. Rocket launchers. Explosions. Fights in space. Carsurfing and planesurfing. Explosions. Indiana Jones-style temples with valuable artifacts. Nanobots. Explosions. Guns that affect gravity.

edited 29th Mar '11 8:47:49 AM by TeraChimera

"The Uncertainty Principle isn't about uncertainty and it isn't a principle; other than that, it's perfectly named." — David Van Baak
[up]&[up][up] Added to the list.
In times of change, learners inherit the Earth and the learned find themselves perfectly equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists
Element of love
Taling You With Me , The Determinator. Hope it helps

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