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Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

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- In the Pokémon League building -

Zoroark 1: <So... bored...>

Zoroark 2: <You got that right...>

Zoroark 4: <Well, at least we do get payed for being guards.>

Zoroark 5: <Still, Liepard doesn't pay us enough.>

Ditzy: <... Is it just me, or was Liepard nicer before?>

Zoroark 2: <Well, I wouldn't say she was nicer, but you have a point. The power must've gone to her head and made her gradually worse than she was to begin with.>

Ditzy: <What about Scolipede?>

Zoroark 2: (shrugs) <Don't know him well enough. Haven't really interacted much with that guy.>

Ditzy: <Oh, right. We haven't, have we?>

Zoroark 1: (shrugs) <Well, let's get back our positions.>

- The League Zoroark guards and their Chatot return to their rooms -
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Feathers and Bones
MGMT: 7:45, we’re drivin’ on the highway/Cruisin’ so fast, I want time to fly/Fun, fun, think about fun/You know what it is/I got this, you got this/My friend is by my right/I got this, you got this/Now you know it

Kickin’ in the front seat/Sittin’ in the back seat/Gotta make my mind up/Which seat can I take?

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"My wish for the Holy Grail? If possible, I would like to be left alone for all eternity. No, I'm not joking."
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Feathers and Bones
MGMT: Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)/We-we-we so excited/We so excited/We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes after...wards/I don’t want this weekend to end

R-B, Rebecca Black/So chillin’ in the front seat (In the front seat)/In the back seat (In the back seat)/I’m drivin’, cruisin’ (Yeah, yeah)/Fast lanes, switchin’ lanes/Wit’ a car up on my side (Woo!)/(C’mon) Passin’ by is a school bus in front of me/Makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream/Check my time, it’s Friday, it’s a weekend/We gonna have fun, c’mon, c’mon, y’all
"My wish for the Holy Grail? If possible, I would like to be left alone for all eternity. No, I'm not joking."
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-Riptide gives up shouting and just sits down and grumbles instead-

Night, all.

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Lake: <How long have I been in here for now? Hours? Days? There's no way of telling in here...Actually, how long has it been since I was last in a Pokéball, anyway? Not since the Gold Conference, at least, I'm sure.

-Sighs.- I miss how things used to be. Back then, it was just going around the world and having adventures, and maybe dealing with the occasional Glitch Pokémon or bad guy that got in our way. Now...Now we're fighting for our lives.

I blame Cyrus for this. He's the one who changed the timeline for the worst. Was that his plan, I wonder? To ruin our world? To take everything away from us? To cause all this pain and suffering?

It better not be. Because if it is, I swear to Arceus, when we find him, I won't hesitate to maul him.

...I feel so useless right now. I'd let myself out, but then my chest will just flare up again. Oh Arceus, the pain...Why does it hurt so badly? It's like my heart's on fire...

OH! My heart! The Beasts said I had a Heart of Gold! Maybe...Maybe it's reacting to something? Something...Horrible?>

Quest Island

-I spent the rest of the day half-heartedly helping Tracer and Tagg sort out the horrid Pokémon sent by Artemis and Scolipede. My mind was far too busy worrying about Lake. Something that was not lost on my other Pokémon.-

Harriet: <He hasn't said anything in hours...Guys, I'm worried.>

Treeo: <We all are, Harriet. Not just for Luke, but for Lake as well. It's obvious to me that something is horribly wrong with him.>

Woolly: -Near tears.- <But, why? H-He was fine a F-few hours ago!> -Sniffs.- <Guys! I'm scared!>

Unite: -Warps a wing around Woolly.- <Don't cry! It's gonna' be fine...>

Woolly: <B-But, w-we don't K-know what's w-wrong with him!>

Flare: <Come on now, it can't be anything serious! Your heart doesn't suddenly go all wonky like that!>

Wulfric: <And if he did have a serious problem, they'd be other symptoms too, not just chest pains.>

Stratus: <Besides, Luke's going to take him to see the doctors when we get back to the Entralink. If he has a problem, they'll be able to find it. At least, I hope they will...>

Goldenrod City

-Miles away, Crowley and his Murkrow are fighting fiercely in an attempt to drive back the invaders. But not with much luck.-

Woodstock: -Dodges and Ice Beam.- <THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM!!!>

Oliver: <They're pushing us back, boss! We're not going to be able to hold them off much longer!>

-Crowley scoffs, then uses Night Slash to take out an enemy Raichu, the yellow armour he's wearing helping him to endure the electric type's attacks.-


-The Honchkrow flies into the air.-

Crowley: <THIS IS OUR CITY!>

-Then swoops down and fiercely Drill Pecks a Scrafty.-

Crowley: <GET OUT!>

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- Goggles is still thinking to himself -

Goggles: Hehe... Having two sets of memories is really weird... I was caught by DS, except I wasn't... I was team mates with Chase, Artemis, Ribbons, Crush and Mira, but Artemis is my enemy and only Chase is still my team mate... (chuckles) Not that this is any weirder than everything else that goes on inside my head... (pause) I wonder where DS is... Is she worried about me too? (glances up at the sky) Hmm... Maybe Artemis can help me and Chase find her once we get her memories back...
Lake: <But even if my Heart is trying to tell me something, how am I supposed to find out what exactly?>

???: <I might be able to help you with that...>

Lake: <What?!>

-Lake was shocked. Somemon else was in his ball? How was that possible?!-

???: <Because I'm not actually here, that's why.>

-And it appears that whoever it was was reading his mind. Great.-

Lake: <Where are you?! Show yourself!>

???: <All right...>

-Some sort of Dark ball emerges from Lake's chest, then floats a few feet away, begining to take...A very familiar shape. Far too familiar.-

Lake: <...Your->

???: <You? Of course.>

-Standing there is a Feraligatr that looks just like Lake. Except...Much more feral looking. Most notably, his scales were a darker blue, his claws and teeth were longer and sharper, his head and back spikes had several nicks in them, and there were several large scars across parts of his body.-

Lake: <You're me?>

Feral!Lake: -Smirks.- <Well, a part of you, anyway.>

Lake: <...What do you want?>

Feral!Lake: <I want to talk about what's happening to you.>

Lake: <Oh? Do...Do you know what's happening? Can you tell me?>

Feral!Lake: <Sorry, no can do. You'll have to figure that out for yourself.>

Lake: <Pfft. Typical.>

Feral!Lake: <I heard that. Part of you, remember?>

Lake: <Oh. Right.>

Feral!Lake: <Now, look. I'm going to cut right to the chase here: This world we've ended up in? It's a Death hole. We've seen that for ourselves. There's no Legendaries, no Gym Leaders, Just Artemis, Scolipede, Napoleon, and a few more jerks that we haven't met yet.

But they're out there, Lake. They're out there right now killing innocent people and Pokémon Lake. Just because they can.

Look, I'm not trying to bring you down or anything. I'm just telling you the truth. Millions are already dead. Thousands more are dying right now. And there's nothing we can do to help them.>

Lake: <...No...>

Feral!Lake: <But...We can stop these arseholes. We can hunt them down, and make them pay for what they've done, and there's only one way we can do it.

Lake, we're going to have to kill them.>


Lake: <...I...I can't. I'm not a killer...>

Feral!Lake: <Aww. I love how you try to be a saint. Even to mass murderers. But tell me, Lake. If you beat 'em up a bit, but let them live because you can't kill, you're letting them get away with what they've done. And who's to say that they won't come back and start killing again?

Sure, someone is inevitably going to say "If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him". But the truth is, Lake? You won't. They killed because they're greedy douches who want nothing but power over every living thing on this planet.

But you...You'd be killing them to protect the world. And to avenge all the people that they ruthlessly murdered. And you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not Luke. Not your friends.

Not even Nadia.>

Lake: <Nadia...>

Feral!Lake: <Ah, yes. Nadia. Your soulmate. Heh...Our soulmate.>

Lake: <She's not yours.>

Feral!Lake: <Yes she is. I'm part of you. She loves me too.>

Lake: <Does not.>

Feral!Lake: <Does too times infinity!>

Lake: <...>

-Feral!Lake sticks his tongue out, tauntingly. Lake just sighs.-
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Sootopolis Harbor, Lelouch's Flagship, Dawn

-the Dragonite arrives back on the deck-

Scyther: <Sir! Lilycove has fallen, with a stubborn resistance holding out in an old submerged base to the northeast.>

Lelouch: <Well, start drilling in; I'm sure they'll see fit to capitulate when the sea is on our side.>

Scyther: <Drills were standing by, sir!>

Lelouch: Oh... I had better remember to not underestimate my forces... could lead to trouble later. <Excellent job. And Mossdeep?>

Scyther: -looks uncomfortable- <the fleet has at present been arrested by a large pod of Wailord; they haven't reached the city yet.>

Lelouch: -frowns- <Keep me posted. Anything else?>

Scyther: <Multiple watchmen swear they've seen the Black Scyther ninjaing around Sootopolis. Other than that, >

Lelouch: Ugh. She's going to ruin everything if she continues to fail to adhere strictly to the plan... <Keep watch, then. Meanwhile, I must speak to our technicians regarding the device.>

-heads belowdecks-

Quest Island, North Shore

-a boat remains anchored at the coast-

Researcher #1: Okay, shouldn't they be back by now?

Researcher #2: I-I-I don't want to look for them!

Researcher #3: Ugh... we should ask HQ, I guess. Maybe we can actually reach a human this time... Nah. But we've nothing else to do...

-activates the boat's shortwave packet radio, broadcasting a hail for PEFE-
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- At the Entralink -

Goggles: (is still trying to figure things out about what to do about Artemis and Chase's memories, and how to search for DS)

Chase: (flies over to him) <Leader!>

Goggles: <Hmm? What is it, Cha- I mean, Unfeazent?>

Chase: <We just received some news!>

Goggles: <Bad things happen?>

Chase: <That's an understatement! Not only has the Emboar taken Driftveil, but apparently an invasion has started in other regions!>

Goggles: <What? Really?>

Chase: (nods rapidly) <Yes, leader! Apparently, they have started attacking Kanto, Johto and Hoenn!>

Goggles: <Well, that's not good...>

Chase: <Again, leader. That is an understatement.>

Goggles: (thinking) Yikes! I hope DS and her Sinnoh team are safe! I'm starting to see why DS hates not knowing stuff. Not knowing where my trainer and team mates are feels awful!

Chase: <... Leader? You okay?>

Goggles: <Huh? Oh, yeah! I'm fine, Cha- I mean, Unfeazent. So, um... What do we do about this?>

Chase: <I am not sure if there is anything we really can do about this, leader...>

Goggles: (sighs) <That sucks...>

Chase: <Again, that is an understatement, leader.>
???: <HEY! Don't you dare bring her into this!>

Lake: <Huh?>

Feral!Lake: <Oh, great...>

-Another ball emerges from Lake's chest, this one a bright light, then takes the form of another Feraligatr. Unlike the other Gator, the newcomer lacks sharp teeth, claws, and nicks in his head spikes and scars. He also has a much more calm demeanor, and scales in such a bright shade of blue and yellow that they seem almost white.-

Lake: <Are you-?>

Calm!Lake: <Your light side? Yes. I am.>

Feral!Lake: <Oh great, It's you. Why are you here?>

Calm!Lake: <I'm here to stop Lake from making a huge mistake.>

Feral!Lake: <Mistake? What sort of mistake?>

Calm!Lake: <Listening to you, for a start.> -To Lake.- <Lake, he's lying! Sure, this world may be in an awful state, but that doesn't mean you should have to change who you are just to stand a chance at making it better! In a world like this...People need heroes. Heroes like you.>

Feral!Lake: <Don't listen to him! Killing those arseholes won't make you any less of a hero! If anything, it'll make you more of one!>

Calm!Lake: <But true heroes never kill! Which is what you are, Lake. Why else would Ho-oh have chosen you?>

Feral!Lake: <Pfft! That bird's incompetent! He couldn't even stop himself from being captured by a madman and his mad time pony. Why should we care what he thinks? Why should we care what any of the legends think? Especially Arceus. Why isn't he helping us?>

Calm!Lake: <I'm sure there's a very good reason for that! Probably something we wouldn't be able to understand. Lake, trust me. If you listen to him, you'll only end up going down a dark path.

It'll start off small, maybe by killing one of Artemis and Scolipede's minions who truly deserve it. But then, you'll kill more and more of them. Soon, you'll have appointed yourself judge, jury and executioner, and then you really will be just like them!>

Feral!Lake: <I told you someone would say that...>

Calm!Lake: <But you don't have to do it, Lake! You can still be the one Pokémon that says "No! I will not kill!">

Feral!Lake: <No! Don't listen to him! He's been blinded by impossibilities! Lake, if you want your friends to be truly safe, you must wipe all of them out. ALL OF THEM. It's the only way to be certain!>

Lake: <Eurgh!>

Calm!Lake: <No, Lake! Don't do it! It's not who you are!>

Feral!Lake: <It's the only way your friends will be safe! It's the only way Nadia will be save!>

Calm!Lake: <But then you won't be the Gator she fell in love with!>

Feral!Lake: <Pfft! I bet she'll love you more! Chicks dig dark guys!>

Lake: <Grr...>

Calm!Lake: <She'll be disgusted!>

Feral!Lake: <She'll be DEAD!>


-Both Gators shut up.-

Feral!Lake: <Great. You pushed him over the edge. Well done.>

Calm!Lake: <What? Me?! You were the one that did it...>

The Entralink

Reshiram: What?! Zekrom, did you hear that?

Zekrom: How could I not? I can't believe it...

Reshiram: All those poor people in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Knowing that awful cat and bugs armies, their must be thousands dead by now...

Zekrom: ...Can't we do something?

Reshiram: Hmm?

Zekrom: How about we pick a Region each and try to help?

Reshiram: But...What of our Heroes? Shouldn't we ask them about this, first?

Zekrom: Reshiram, do you really think Sunny and Unite would object to us going to try and help these people?

Reshiram: ...No. They wouldn't.

Zekrom: Exactly.

-Zekrom starts his turbine tail up.-

Zekrom: I'm going to Kanto. What about you?

Reshiram: I...I guess I shall go and assist in Johto. That is my hero's trainers' homeland, after all.

Zekrom: It's a shame Kyurem isn't here. He could have gone to help in Hoenn...

Reshiram: Yes...

-Reshiram starts her own turbine up. The two Dragons then stare into each others eyes.-

Zekrom: ...Stay safe.

Reshiram: ...You too.

-The two take to the air, give each other one last look, then turn away and blast of towards their respective regions, leaving a trail of fire and electricity in their wake.-

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adopting kitteh

Goldenrod Underground, two hours ago.

-While Magneton and me fiddle with some pipes and wires, the other Pokémon watch with varying degrees of interest-

Maekrite (ears flattened) — <I still don't get what you are doing...>

Magnemite (blinks in patterns) — <It's not hard to grok, really.> — tries to send an electricity pulse through some of the wires — <Hmmm, not this one, either.>

— Just like a Nidoran colony, Maekrite, human colonies have networks of communication between its members.

Maekrite — <...hey! That little even I know.>

-Pokéteco pecks the Nidorino and the two of them begin arguing for a while-

— ...However, unlike the messengers or screeches, we don't actually need to physically carry the information from the target to the destination.

Maekrite — <What, you mean like teleporting information?>

— Something like that, yes... but I can't reach any of the emergency relays here.

-Suddenly there are some sounds coming from one of the pipes, Pokéteco and Venomoth open it to reveal a small troop of Nidoran and Rattata-

38% Rattata — <...Hey! What is going on here?>

Pokéteco — <What are you doing here?>

Pale Nidoran — <We were asked by the Army to check the underground...>

22% Rattata — <And we noticed some noises and sparks coming from the tunnels.>

-Maekrite steps forwards-

Maekrite — <Wait, the army is here? How is the battle going?>

38% Rattata — <...What battle?>

-The troop narrates to us how the city has been taken by surprises, how the buildings and structured are destroyed by beams apparently from nowhere, the hospital is taken, and that the army branch from the south hasn't arrived to the city yet for some reason-

— ...Wonder if they are sending teleporting troops to target our infrastructure.

Pokéteco — <...If it was that way, our Xatu and Noctowl allies would detect them... although they are fairly low-level...>

-I produce the pictures-

— Let's forget that. Look, all of you. Where is the army stationed?

Pale Nidoran — <Route 35, off the tall grass, I think.>

-I hand over the pictures to the leading Nidoran-

— Take these pictures to the army stationed there. Tell them I sent this, these are the people who must be saved from the city, as soon as possible.

-The Rattatas and Nidorans examine the photos-

22% Rattata — <...Dude, they're blank.>

Nidoran (snorts) — <Don't worry, I know what to do with them.>

Maekrite — <Good luck.>

-As the troop departs, Magneton and I move to another data trunk trying to connect to either the Nidocave or the Pokémon Center.-


Goldenrod City in the Present

-A troop of Nidorans drag a cart of berries through a back alley to the entrance of the Radio Tower-

Nidoran♀ (points to the laundry chute of the tower) — <Resupply the Nildrow! Resupply!>

-While groups of Nidoran start carrying the berries up, an advance team composed of five Nidorin@ in armor, two Ariados and a Snubbull enter the building through a back door to try and provide a cover for the birds-

Nidorina Leader — <OK, Arc Troopers! Detect!>

-The Nidorinos and Nidorinas use their senses to detect the apparent location of the krows and attackers, and report to their leader as they go up-

Nidorina Leader — <You! Stairwell!> — points to one direction, the Snubbull leaping there via some chairs — <Hurt 'krows on the Lobby!> — points there, and two Nidorina and a Nidorino are lifted to the elevator via Ariados silk — <The rest, with me to the cabin of the talking woman!>

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- Somewhere in Unova -

- HotStuff and Velvet are talking while the rest of DS' Sinnoh team is asleep -

HotStuff: <Grr...> (the flame on her head flares up) <I can't take this anymore!>

Velvet: <HotStuff?>

HotStuff: <Look at the state of this world! We can't let this continue! I swear, if we don't find those trainers soon...>

Velvet: <HotStuff, calm down...>

HotStuff: <We can't let Cyrus get away with what he has done! I'd like to go over there, fight him, free Dialga and Celebi from his control and fix this mess!>

Velvet: <HotStuff, you know you can't do that.>

HotStuff: <... Can't I? When you're angry enough, anything is possible!>

Velvet: (gives HotStuff a look)

HotStuff: (stares at Velvet for a moment, before the flame returns to normal) <I know you're right, I just... I just want my trainer back...>

Velvet: (nods) <I know... We all miss her, HotStuff.>

HotStuff: <Well... Let's wake up the others and continue our search.> (briefly strokes what appears to be the torn off sleeve of a purple sweater that she has been wearing as a scarf) <Even in all this chaos, we can't let it stop us from finding those trainers.>

Velvet: (nods) <Right.>

- HotStuff and Velvet go to wake up the rest of the team -
Lake: <GRR! LOOK! Things are hard enough for me already without you two going on at me about what I should and shouldn't be doing!>

Feral!Lake: <We're only trying to help, you know. Well, I am, at least.>

Calm!Lake: <Grr...He has a point, though. We are only trying to help you.>

Lake: <You could have fooled me...>

Feral!Lake: <Well, obviously one of us is the right one, and you're going to have to decide just who eventually, Lake. Whether you like it or not. Hint: It's me!>

Calm!Lake: -Rolls his eyes.- <Well...I know you, Lake. And I know that when push comes to shove, you'll end up doing the right thing. Because the truth is...You're not a killer. And if that there were more Pokémon and people and Pokémon like you...The world would be a better place for sure.>

Feral!Lake: <Not like that would be hard...>

Calm!Lake: <Hmph. Come on.> -Grabs Feral!Lake's head spikes.-

Feral!Lake: <Hey!>

Calm!Lake: <We'll be going now, Lake. But one more thing before I go, Lake: It's hard to make decisions when you're frustrated. Try to remember that.>

-Both Gators turn back into balls of light and darkness respectively, then return to Lake's chest, leaving the Feraligatr alone again.-

Lake: <...Well that was strange. As well as frustrating.>

-Lake sighs.-

Lake: <What am I supposed to do, though? They both had valid points...>

Conrad: <We need to fall back! We're getting slaughtered!>

Crowley: <WE CAN'T! We can keep them back!>

-Crowley fires a Dark Pulse at a Charizard flying overhead, causing it to crash.-

Oliver: <It's no good, boss! We've lost too many Krows already! If we don't move back soon, they'll wipe all of us out!>

Crowley: <...Fine. RETREAT! ALL KROWS, FALL BACK!>

-Crowley and his Krows back away from the advancing Pokémon, holding them at bay with various attacks, and taking any mons out where they can.-
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Tangent:Incoming call? What is-

Researcher #3: HQ?! We've actually gotten a human this time?

Tangent: Huh? Oh, another research team left high and dry by that computer?

Researcher #3: I gues- HEY! Aren't you... here?

Tangent: ...what?

Researcher #3: You and Doctor Tagg! You detoured our boat to Quest Island and went off to do stuff there yesterday!

Tangent: Umm... I don't know about Tagg, but I am definitely here. Been here.

Researcher #3: Look, here's a random video one of us took...

-screen shows "Tagg" and "Tangent" on the boat deck, looking at the islands with interest-

Tangent: 'That's not Tagg's body language... and neither of them are saying anything... Impostor- oh, great. Just like the Gym Leaders?!

<Ugh. I need to contact Tagg to figure this out... I didn't get to hear where they last set off to, though...>

<Keep the connection open, I might have to get back to you.>
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adopting kitteh

At The Nidoran Colony, some minutes ago

-There is a meeting at Ring-1 between some members of the Army, messengers, breeders and elders, as well as supporting species and a guest Espeon from Ecruteak. One or two Owsla are there too, camouflaged by the sheer numbers-

"No one saw anything!"

"...My mate! He's dead too!"

"It's just a BOOM! Then the buildings are destroyed!"

"Is it true that Rize's wing is lost?"

"Can't be a teleportation... you guys would have detected it right?"

"We haven't got news from the south either..."

"How come when I flew there today everyone was walking around calmly?"

"We are stationed and ready to go, but we simply don't know where or for what!"

-Worried, Mayonaka grabs a piece of a Lairon armor and then pounds it on the ground-

Mayonaka — <Order...! Order! I SAID ORDER!!!!> — pounds the Lairon hide so hard that it cracks.



Mayonaka — <Whatever this enemy is, we can't fight it without intelligence. We need to gather more info, and for that we need Silent. Where the heck is he?>

Guard — <We lost track of him when we sent Pokéteco to ask for the humans, but we know he is in the city somewhere.>

Another Guard — <A team was called by Maekrite last night near the supplies building, so surely he's near there...>

-Mayonaka growls, then a messenger comes close and tells her something to the ear-

Mayonaka — <Everyone prepare to move! We have some of the things we need!> — to a random messenger who pops out from the shadows — <You! Send these to Vinollo!> — hands over the pictures.

-Taisho steps forward after analyzing some information and addresses his people-

"As for the Army, your orders are to set up a protection wall along Rt. 35. Nothing foreign can cross. Help wild mons from the city escape to the temples of the north and the National Park."


Some Minutes Later in a Clearing

-A Snubbull walks to a Nidorina sitting there. He carries a bag with some stuff. Following from behind, a Nidorino in armor walks calm, although his mind is in turmoil-

Snubbull — <Roa? Are you ready?>

Quest Island

-After staring at Lake's Lure Ball for a while, wondering whether or not I should let him out and try to figure out what's wrong, I eventually decide against it, then get up and join my team.-

...I suppose we should work on getting those gym leaders out of here once Tracer's ready.

Unite: <...Yeah. Yeah, we should.>

-The rest of my Pokémon silently agree.-
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Li'l Punk
-Roa nods, taking the bag, and looking through it, pulling out the veiled picture-

Roa: <Yes, I'm ready.>
Victory! Honor! Destiny! Mutton!
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Yer done!
-Wakes up-

-I attempt to get out of my bed, but find that I still don't have the strength for that quite yet-

-I groan in annoyance-

I want out of here! Now! There's people dying out there!
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-Mezzo is confronted by a version of herself wearing an all-black military uniform with a badge carrying Scolemis' insignia on it-

AU!Mezzo: Look at yourself. You're nothing but a scared little girl.

That's not true!

AU!Mezzo: You couldn't do anything! All you're good for is sitting in a corner and crying! Oh, and clinging to the nearest boy.

Don't talk about Every that way!

AU!Mezzo: Oh, did I touch a nerve? What do you see in him anyway? He's just as useless as you.

No he's not! Someone as heartless as you could never understand!

AU!Mezzo: So I'm heartless, is it? Then you are too. Because, don't forget, I'm you.

You're not! I'm not you anymore! I'm better than that!

AU!Mezzo: You just keep thinking that, don't you? Truth is, you're not. You'll drop everything at the first sign of trouble. After all, isn't that what happened to us two years ago?


AU!Mezzo: So much pain and suffering we caused. But it never mattered to you, so long as you were safe. And you still consider yourself a good person?

That didn't really happen...

AU!Mezzo: Then why do you still remember it? Think about that, why don't you.

-wakes up, still holding Every's hand-

-the Messenger Murkrow flies to the Entralink-

Messenger Murkrow: <Boss! Boss! Big news!>

Felis: <What is it this time?>

Messenger Murkrow: <The army, they're going to invade Kanto and Johto and Hoenn!>

Felis: <Oh, that's just fascinating. Why should I care about this again?

Actually, wait. This might be a good time to strike...except, no. That pig is still on the loose. It's a good time for him to strike against Scolipede and Liepard, and then we mop up whatever's left after that. Simple, really.>

Messenger Murkrow: <So what do you want me to tell the troops, boss?>

Felis: <Have them stick to the same plan as before.>

Messenger Murkrow: <Yes, boss!> -flies off-
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- Goggles wanders over to where Anom is -

Goggles: <Hey there, Anom. How are you feeling today?>
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Guess Who...?
-In the Dream World, several hours ago-

-On Lake's Island-

<Nadia: "Something terrible is happening, isn't it, Toothless?">

<Toothless: "Well... Lake seems to be in a bit of trouble right now...">

<Nadia: "But he's strong, this isn't supposed to be able to happen t-">

-A familiar Honchkrow's form appears overhead-

<Nadia: "Oh no... What on earth are you doing here?!">

<Toothless: "... Oh boy...">

<Sonny: "Look, if this were any other circumstance, I'd be leaving you and that durak over there alone! I was looking for Shaun! Who is the other yashcheritsa anyways?">

<Nadia: "That's Toothless you're looking at...">

<Sonny: "... I'll ask you to explain that idiotizm later... Nadia... Moya bratva and I are in trouble...">

<Nadia: "And we care why?">

<Toothless: "Let him finish, Nadia. And he is your teammate.">

<Sonny: "Because this isn't some turf war or something! Celadon... Is being attacked.">


-Elsewhere in the Dream World-

-Shaun happens to bump into a familiar Lucario staring off-

<Sabine: "... Oh, it's you again...">

<Shaun: "Oh, hello Audrey. Have you been doing well?">

<Sabine: "... No, I wouldn't say that by the longest stretch of the imagination.">

<Shaun: "Huh? What's going on?">

<Sabine: "One of my best friends got badly hurt today, and my trainer and the rest of my teammates almost got killed.">

<Shaun: "What?! What on earth happened?!">


-Somewhere further else in the Dream World, two Marowak are meeting-

<Kat: "Chain of Diamonds? What's going on? Why are you looking like that?">

<Kit: "... Something terrible has happened, Chain of Spades...">


-Still elsewhere in the Dream World-

<Nathan: "Vlad said that that Druddigon was awake here. And she's with the group, right?">

-Happens to spot Teala gliding-

<Nathan: "That was fast...">

-Hastily glides over to Teala-

<Teala: "Oh! It's you! I didn't know that you were here in the Dream World!">

<Nathan: "It's a long story, but the short version is that Kyle found me here. But that's not important right now!">

<Teala: "Huh? Why are you so worried?">

<Nathan: "Teala! Er, it is 'Teala,' right? Tracer's home is being attacked!">

<Teala: "WHAT?! BY WHO?!">

<Nathan: "One of the generals from the siege!">

<Teala: "Wait, but which one?">

<Nathan: "The one that that blue Mienfoo sniped in the face.">



-Still further elsewhere in the Dream World-

-The form of a Blastoise is drawing near to the form of an Ampharos-

<Vesta: "Oh, hello Kammy! How are you- ... Why do you seem so worried? What's going on?">

<Kammy: "You haven't heard, have you?">

<Vesta: "... Heard about what?">

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Yer done!
I'm fine, Goggles. But I'm annoyed. I still can't get up out of bed on my own.
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The Wanderer
Dream World, several hours ago

Muddy: <WHAT?>

Cobalt: -Has succeeded in finding the general area of the subject of his search- <Yes Muddy, our home is under attack.>

Muddy: <I guess we'll call a meeting then, since everyone else on Quest Island doesn't know yet.>

About an hour later in a large Dream World cave

-The entire cave is filled with noise from all the Pokemon in it, all talking about the invasion-

Forecaster: -To Steel- <It was absolutely horrible, that Samurott turned all the female mons and trainers as well as the children into slaves for his war machine, and for the guys he->

-Looks about ready to cry-

Gaia: -Comes over- <It'll be okay.>

Steel: <Yeah, what Gaia said.>

Nudi: <When are we going to go do something about these guys?>

Luxray: <When we're given the order, or whenever Tagg is able to get us there.>

Nudi: -Growls in frustration, which really sounds more adorable than frightening since he's a nudibranch-

Cobalt: <We're going to need a lot of firepower whenever we get over there. No holding back.>

Roc: <I suppose we're operating as if we're in the wild then.>

Draca: <As of now, Celadon is wild.>

Throh: <Then we're fighting by researcher rules. That's going to be rough.>

Audilith: <Those cretins deserve it, especially that Samurott.>

Muddy: <I think I'm being woken up, so I'll go tell Tagg first.>


Quest Island

Muddy: -Wakes up- <Tagg?>

Come on Muddy, we need to leave this place.

Muddy: <Tagg, we were talking in the Dream World, and I kind of have something to tell you.>

What is it?


-After telling me-


Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.

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