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So I’m working on a project for one of my classes, and since I want to make it the best story I can (what with my grade on the line), I figured I should get some advice from some Tropers before I get too ahead of myself.

The gist of the story: teenage espers banished to a man-made island fight to protect their turf from one another as well as strike back against the “peace-keeping” soldiers that keep them within the island’s borders. So basically, it’s Kids Versus Adults…versus other kids.

There’s one thing that I definitely need to watch out for: my professor’s going to be on the lookout for clichés, so I’ve got to make sure that whatever I turn in isn’t too overdone…which is kind of a problem, because I’m afraid I might end up veering into that territory. So, any suggestions to get me going?

Here’s what I’ve thought of so far:
  • Obviously, both sides have to have good and evil variants — and there has to be some form of interaction between them. Maybe one of the other esper gangs forms a deal with the soldiers?
  • The focus is on two characters: Raiz, a Wise Beyond Their Years repair boy who, after a mission gone wrong, ends up finding a valuable secret that can give his gang the edge to take over the island; on the Soldier side, we have Jack, an Action Mom Super Soldier who, after her son is killed by espers on the mainland, engages in a special mission to track down the one responsible for the murder. Naturally, the two of them meet and team up. What can I do to make their relationship special?
  • I would assume that the Teenage Wasteland goes hand-in-hand with a dark and brutal world, but I want to show at least SOME positive aspects of the espers’ life in their adult-free society; even though their world is on the dingy side, I’d like to put the story on the more idealistic end of the scale. So what can I do to make that a definite possibility?

I’ve got more info on the characters if you need it. Just ask away, and say whatever comes to mind.

By the way, did anyone have fun in the snow this week?

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