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Misread the title perhaps? Looking for yet another thread about that fat plumber in red?

Too bad, it's WARIO time!

Fans of either of the Wario series' folks? Wario Land II was one of my big games on the good ol' Gameboy Color, used to love playing it and getting all the different paths, especially the one you got if you didn't do anything in the beginning. The game was hilarious, quirky, and the whole series has that great offbeat quality you can't get a lot of places.

Didn't play any of the games inbetween, but I bought Wario Land Shake It. Awesome.

And, it's definitely on my list of top five game soundtracks in the past ten years or so - in fact, listening through the OST is what game me the idea to make this thread.

I've always thought Wario ought to appear in some capacity in another main Mario game (or even one of the RP Gs - those have plots!). Waluigi needs to appear in something: he's never even appeared in a Wario title.

Also, I'd practically throw money at Nintendo if Captain Syrup would appear in the next Smash as a boss or player character or assist trophy or something. Seriously, I'd pick up a fifty dollar bill and pitch it across the Atlantic and Eurasia. She's tied for my second favorite villain in the entire extended Marioverse (behind Kamek and tied with K. Rool).
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Shake It! is indeed awesome. Master of Disguise was a pretty decent game, too.
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I love Wario Land. Especially II and 3. The permanent invincibility twist was great, and I was disappointed to see that they didn't bring it back for WL 4 or Shake It!. Although WL 4 made up for it by being great.

Shake It! was good, but I missed the transformations. And there wasn't any really good gimmick, like branching paths or leveling up (the shaking doesn't count). Very pretty, though, and the sound track was sweet.
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I've played 4 quite a lot.
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Wario World is the only Wario game proper I've played (not counting the "Ware" series), but I must admit, I like it quite a bit. I can't put my finger on exactly why, since it certainly frustrates me, but it is oddly appealing.
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the only one I've played is Touched! I was quite a pro at Ashleys games.

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I've played a lot of Wario games. They're a lot of fun.
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Warioland 2 and 3 were definite highlights. ESPECIALLY 3. That game was so awesome. It's one of the few games I've 100%ed.
I'm familiar with the WarioWare games, except for Twisted and D.I.Y.

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All I've got is Wario World, Mega Party Games, and Touched. Only the former and the last one I have played recently. But I enjoy all three of them.
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I remember Wario Land 2 very fondly.
12 Magus4th Feb 2011 10:07:46 AM from West Clownadelphia
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My copy of Wario Land 2 is broken, unfortunately. I just figured out alternate paths. (I still hate that factory level.)

Wario Land 3 is awesome. I gave my first copy away because the final boss was scary, but I recently bought another one for $5 off Amazon and cleared it completely. Good times.

Wario World was good until the room puzzles started getting too obscure in the desert level. Master of Disguise is pretty fun until you miss a costume and spend an hour traipsing around a giant level trying to figure out what to do.
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In Wario World, it's not the room puzzles that bug me—it's finding the darn rooms themselves!
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I've played Wario Land and Wario Ware, but never owned any of the games. Yeah, I'm treading around the chasm of the broken base, sue me, I don't see why people think they can't coexist.

I personally think Foreman Spike should be Wario's Luigi. Yes he was a just an obstacle with no personality, but boss with no personality describes Wario's first appearance. A troper on this site thinks their the same person and to that I say Spike's design was better.
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Wario Land 4 is sooooooo fun. *drools*

I've played quite a bit of WarioWare and WarioWare Touched, as well. Fun games.
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I honestly wish they would have Wario and Waluigi appear in a paper game. They'd make great rivals if not allies.
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I only played Wario Land: Shake It! and really liked it. I 100%'d it and traded it in for some other stuff, though...
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18 punchy4th Feb 2011 06:45:14 PM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
[up][up]How about a Mario and Luigi game? That's what I've always been hoping for.
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I'd love to play as the Wa's in Mario & Luigi, or fight them at the very least.
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Honestly, Waluigi just needs to be in something. His clothing has a cameo in Paper Mario TTYD, but I want him to have some legitimacy! He's hilarious!
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Seriously. He hasn't even been proven to exist in the normal Mario world yet. Let him exist in a mainstream game Nintendo. That said, I really want the next Paper Mario to feature Wario and Waluigi in some fashion. Even if they're just shop-keeps or bosses or whatever.
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Wario was a boss in Super Mario Land 2 and took over Mario's house. Then he was in Super Mario 64's remake. That's not mainstream enough?
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Wario Land Needs More Love, both on the Internet and in Real Life.

Did it annoy anyone else here that, aside from a miserable sticker and the equally unmemorable Chronicles, the series was completely ignored on Brawl? Even Snake's convo outright states that "Wario was first seen as Mario's rival but he really made his name in the WarioWare games". Notice how there's no mention of Wario's own platforming adventures there, as if he was nothing but Mario's Evil Counterpart until WarioWare kicked in? Had to get that off my chest.

I have played the hell outta Wario Land 3 and 4. I actually own Wario Land II, but the cartridge is glitched and won't save. Still top fun. I'm also a "Shake It!" owner, seriously an underrated game among the large Wii library. A lot of effort and care was put on that game, and it shows...

As Known Unknown wisely mentions, these games' soundtracks are overlooked masterpieces waiting to be rediscovered. I'll post songs from Wario Land 4, since that's the one I replayed recently...

Crescent Moon Village - Atmospheric and catchy tune that won't leave your head.

Toxic Landfill - Badassery in musical form. This is screaming for a heavy metal remix.

Toy Block Tower - Cheery n' quirky song, easy listening, even easier to love.

Fiery Caverns - An old favorite of mine. Good VGM Rock.

Hurry Up! - A piece especifically designed to make you anxious. Once you hear it out of context, though, you appreciate its undeniable energy.

...Why don't we have a Crowning Music/Wario page, again?

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^^ He was talking about Waluigi.
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I've been a fan of the Wario series, I personally enjoy Wario Land Shake it. For not only having good animation for a video game, but its also enjoyable side-scroller. Anyone know if there's any plans for the next Wario game?

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