YMMV: Young Wizards

  • Badass Decay: Justified Trope. Dairine starts off with a greater amount of power than her sister when she becomes a wizard n the third book and then falls to just above normal in the fifth. This fall is normal and expected; every wizard starts off with greater power for their initial ordeal. By the time the power drops off, their skill and knowledge increases.
  • Canon Sue:
    • Kit's older sister Carmela
    • and/or Nita's younger sister Dairine. She gets less Sueish after she has to deal with no longer having enough power to do anything she wants and not knowing enough to make up for that, especially since that happens when her mother is dying of cancer.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Nolan.
  • Too Cool to Live: Romeo
  • Ugly Cute: Memeki
  • Unfortunate Implications: Originally the case when it came to Darryl's autism in A Wizard Alone (the first edition treats it as a horrible thing, and ends with him "curing" himself), but happily fixed in the New Milennium edition, where Duane significantly edited Darryl's storyline to remove the implication that his autism makes him broken and should be gotten rid of.
  • The Woobie: Darryl, Khretef
  • Word of Gay: Tom and Carl. According to a troper on this site, he "was an acquaintance of Diane Duane's before she moved to Ireland, and was present when she confirmed to a small audience at a reading that Carl and Tom are indeed a gay couple — but added at the same time that she'd never say so explicitly in the books" (partly because they're books in the Young Adult section, partly because they're based off two straight friends of Duane's). Frankly, you could call them Heterosexual Life-Partners and no one would be the wiser if all they read are the books.
    • Diane Duane has gone on to state on Tumblr not that her real-life friends were straight, but that their relationship was private. Young Adult books have many, many queer characters, and she states that in future books, there will be bi or gay characters "at least two", and possibly a grey ace character. Still kind of a cop-out *cough*, but a public answer.
      • I, for one, am perfectly fine with Tom and Carl being Heterosexual Life-Partners. Relationships don't need to be familial, romantic or sexual to be meaningful or important. (which is also the main reason I will never ship Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in any medium, including Elementary)
      • to quote Dairine and Roshaun:
    Dairine: [on the subject of romance between them] You do have the idea of being 'just good friends'?
    Roshaun: For so high and honourable an estate, 'just' seems a poor modifier to choose.