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YMMV: Vampire Cheerleaders
  • Badass Decay: Leonard's fans believe he's steadily become a victim of this, ever since the A Squad used "plan BC" on him. After which, he all but becomes their slave, since Lori makes him their thrall. The following arc, he seemed return to form, when he briefly helps the PMS during the prom and, later, helps rescue the cheerleaders from Cressida Harrow. But has since gone back to merely being an everydude.
  • Broken Base: Since the strips merged, the fans are split into two factions, along basically the exact lines you'd expect:
  • Creator's Pet: Heather. Always gets her way? Check. Treats people like crap and is generally a nasty person and gets no comeuppance for it? Check. The story goes so far as to pull a cheap Retcon so she can come off as more sympathetic and likeable? Check. Karma Houdini? Check. Heather may as well be considered this story's answer to Lisa.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Katie takes a massive level in jerkassery, during the "Adventures in Space... and Time?!" arc, where she's become unjustly bitchy and abusive towards Leonard for things that clearly aren't his fault. The readers have grown tired of it.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse / Unpopular Popular Character: Leonard and the Bakertown B squad seem to be building up to this, mostly because they have more likable traits in the eyes of most of the fanbase in comparison to the Vampire Cheerleaders.
  • Les Yay: Steph and Char; Katie and Lita.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Yeah, well... THEY DID. TWICE. Poor Lita and Suki.
  • Moral Event Horizon: More than a few fans agree that this counts as one for Lori as well as being a Kick the Dog moment.
    • How about making Heather's parents virtually zombies?
    • There are also The Harrow Sisters Bianca raping and torturing Lori Cressida killing and torturing Bianca's servant in the cruelest way possible.
  • Nightmare Fuel: the very well done expression of horror in the Vampire Cheerleaders's faces here.
    • Suki's recent description of Cressida eating her. According to Suki, Cressida cut her open and fed on her liver, which kept growing back. Thank the heavens Stephanie and Co. arrived to save them all...
  • The Scrappy: Heather is becoming this to a lot of readers, given her treatment of Leonard, the fact she constantly abuses her powers to get her way and never gets any sort of comeuppance whatsoever and her inability to accept the responsabilities for any of her bad deeds. It got worse when the VC script got changed so that Heather would have had a choice in becoming a vampire rather than being forced into one to replace Candice, as it actually happened. She's been likened to Wesley Crusher, even.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Suki, Zoey and Lesley in the latest arc, where they are shown to be very decent people and treat Leonard far better than Lori or Heather ever did.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Many readers sympathize with Marcy's point of capturing and treat cryptids in a more humanitarian way, especially in light of the summary execution Steph delivers early on, even though she doesn't seem to care for the victims of the cryptids, considers any instance were a cryptid was killed as unnecessary, not caring for the circumstances, and just tries to impose her ways over everyone else.

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