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YMMV: Trailer Park Boys
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Conky - More likely Bubbles himself, as he became easily the most beloved character on the show.
    • Bubbles started off as a minor character (the actor who plays him is a producer/writer of the show). By the fourth season he's not only main cast but a full-on lead along with Ricky and Julian. Conky could be said to have a bit of a Broken Base, while some absolutely loved him, others truly hated the puppet for various reasons.
  • Idiot Plot: The majority of the time, the plots are rather far fetched and silly, but they're still practical to the situation they're facing. Season 7 just takes it a little far when they decide to build a track for a toy train to transport their drugs over the border to the USA. There are literally dozens of ways they could have made this easier, like simply filling a garbage bag, going into the woods, and throwing it across the border at night time. The fact that their 'henchmen' were able to spend enough time there to make the track without getting caught just proves they could have pulled it off that way. Clearly a case of Jumping the Shark, at the creators were just trying to keep up with the Rule of Funny, and were running out of good, plausible ideas.
  • Nightmare Fuel Unleaded: Conky again. Played for laughs with the ominous music that accompanies him, but the viewer is never quite sure whether Bubbles is in control of him.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Trina Lahey was played by Ellen Page, years before she starred in Juno.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 7 is largely considered to be roughly on the same level as the others, but some parts of the fanbase dislike it due to the wackier plot and the return of Conky (see Idiot Plot above).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The end of Season 4 set up some impressive Character Development for Cory and Trevor, as well as potential for all kinds of new plots when they finally repay Ricky and Julian for all the years of abuse and use the Boys' drug money to buy the park for themselves. Unfortunately, come Season 5 everything's back to the way it was, as Barbara Lahey tricked Cory and Trevor into thinking they were buying the park, stole the drug money and used it to pay off Sunnyvale's debts without having to sell it.

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