Heartwarming: Trailer Park Boys

  • Bubbles trying to spend all his savings on Rush tickets, then getting to be Alex Lifeson's guitar technician and later playing "Closer to the Heart" with him.
    • The end of the Christmas special when Bubbles finally reads the letter his parents left him. Quickly spoiled by Ricky, though.
      • Bubbles tends to get these exclusively: everyone in the park seems to love him.
    • Bubbles getting Ray a rig: "You're a trucker again, Ray."
  • Julian buying back Bill and Elvina's trailer at the end of the sixth season, leading Bubbles to say that Julian has "the biggest heart out of anybody in the trailer park."
  • Lucy and Ricky sharing a cigarette in the back of the shit mobile to an April Wine song is surprisingly romantic.
  • Ricky telling Lahey that Trinity is never gonna end up in jail.
  • The last episode of season seven (and former series finale, specials aside) has a surprisingly happy ending for the characters, culminating with Ricky realizing that friends and family are what matter most in life, and a brief scene showing the residents of the trailer park having a cookout.
  • The ending of the Bible Pimp episode, Corey and Trevor getting high fives from the boys as well as the whole gang watching tv in Bubbles's van.
  • in the fourth seasons premier episode, Lahey and Randy go back to the supervisors trailer after getting out of jail, only to find Ricky and Trinity inside. After sending Trinity outside, Ricky calmly and politely tells Lahey and Randy, the people he hates most in the world, the trailer is no longer their home.He does, however, give them their old car back and an empty lot to live on. His reason for giving them the empty lot? He knows what it's like to get out of jail and have no place to go.
  • The season 9 finale is the most feel-good ending of any season thus far. Jacob and Trinity have found happiness together, Julian finally owns the trailer park, Ricky has his family back, and even Barb, Sarah and Donna are very happy in jail.
    • And before that, Jacob finally earns some respect from Ricky when he goes to jail for the boys. Before being carted away, he asks Ricky to propose to Trinity on his behalf while he's gone, and Ricky gladly obliges.
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