YMMV / Tower Heist

  • Magnificent Bastard: Josh grows into this more and more, completely showing the Big Bad how it's done by the climax.
  • Moral Event Horizon: While you can argue Shaw crossed it before the events of the film, the moment that truly cements it is Fitzhugh's reveal that he would have known he was in financial trouble a year ago, long before Lester came to him with his savings. He knowingly stole the money of an old man he pretended to care about under the pretense of "investing" it, instead lining his pockets with said money to keep up appearances.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Barely subverted by Josh and Claire, in that they don't actually get the opportunity to date and fall in love, and the relationship really can't go anywhere because of how the film ends.
  • What An Idiot: Slide asks Josh, Enrique, Charlie and Fitz to steal $50 worth of stuff to prove themselves to being part of the heist. He asks them to leave their wallets behind so they can't buy anything and claim they stole it. When they return, Slide calls them out for leaving their wallets behind with a thief, namely, him.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Slide steals a total of $170 from the four of them, roughly $50 a piece, so he stole from them what they stole from others.