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Heartwarming: Tower Heist
  • The reactions of all the Tower employees when they receive their share of the gold car. Special mention goes to Odessa's "Hallelujah!" cry, Charlie and Sasha with their newborn baby, and Lester's Tears of Joy.
  • Charlie saving Fitzhugh from falling.
  • Josh allowing himself to go to jail in order to both get the others off and take down Shaw.
  • Josh's status as a Benevolent Boss is pretty touching. During his regular work day, we see that he is friends with just about every resident and employee of the Tower. He covers for his brother-in-law Charlie, who is unbelievably incompetent at his job, and finds a way for the bankrupt Fitzhugh to stay the night in his repossessed apartment.
Tommy BoyHeartwarming/FilmTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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