Funny / Tower Heist

  • "He's allergic to chocolate, I had to beat him."
    • Basically, everything about that little scene.
  • Josh invites Odessa over, and decides to "discuss the elephant in the room." Her response? "What the hell ya just call me?!"
  • Josh recruiting his thieves.
  • Anything to do with "Darnell" and "Seizure Boy".
  • Odessa flirting with Slide via safe. Especially his reactions to it.
  • The thieves running up the stairs during the heist.
  • Ski hats vs. ski masks.
  • Every time the thieves start talking about mundane things.
  • Doing part of the heist with a dog in tow.
  • Three words: Gauntlet of lesbians.
  • The random cuts to the boss stuck in the closet listening to Latin music.
    • Especially the end when everyone forgets he's still in there
  • French Playboy.
  • The maid missing the car dangling off the side of the Tower.
  • This dialogue:
    "Last time I was this drunk, I made out with a fireman."
    "Yeah? When was that?"
  • Josh smashing Shaw's car.
    "You think Steve McQueen is the coolest cat that ever lived? Well guess what: today, Steve McQueen is my little bitch!"
  • The whole "shoplifting sequence"
  • Slide's mention of a woman's "fat ass".