Fridge / Tower Heist

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why was Shaw prepared to press some serious charges against Josh for wrecking the car? Yes, it was apparently owned by Steve McQueen, but it still seems like Disproportionate Retribution, right? No, it's because Shaw thought Josh had somehow found out about the car being solid gold and Shaw's emergency wealth. Turns out, Josh didn't know this secret until he discovered it during the heist. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!.

Fridge Logic:

  • If the ledger was in the car's glove box the whole time, shouldn't the FBI have found it during their raid? A glove box is a pretty obvious and out-in-the-open hiding place.
    • It was also hidden inside the owner's manual for the car, but that doesn't excuse them of not flicking through that to make sure it was legit.
    • A glove box is an out-in-the-open hiding space when the car is on the ground. Inside the penthouse, the car was really just a bragging point and conversation piece. Since no one ever drove the car, the agents would never have thought to read the manual.
  • The movie never actually says how the FBI knew exactly who was involved with the heist. They just round them all up before the end of the day.
    • Security cameras caught them all heading into Shaw's apartment after Odessa knocked the guard out.
  • How did they get the car onto the roof?
    • The same way they got it into the elevator, but backwards. Elevators are supposed to have space on top even on the highest floor in case the elevator gets stuck and people have to get out the way Slide did earlier.
      • Although, earlier in the film, the Ferrari bashes through a metal grill on the top when the elevator stops at just the penthouse level...
      • Pool's on the roof. Right above the penthouse. The door was right next to them probably.