YMMV: Tokyo Tribe

The Anime and Manga
The Live-Action Film
  • Complete Monster:
    • Buppa is the slovenly, repugnant crime lord of Buppa Town, which he keeps in a perpetual state of misery. Keeping secure hold of Tokyo through manipulation of the lower Tribes into constant war, Buppa is a vicious, remorseless, cannibalistic slob with a habit of forcing women he kidnaps into prostitution, if he doesn't force them to become mentally broken furniture or his dinner. Employing Merra to murder and torture all whom he considers an obstacle, Buppa utilizes his army, the Waru, into overrunning Tokyo and killing all other Tribes. Even his loyalty to the High Priest is a sham, as Buppa intends to betray him and take over Asia.
    • Merra, Buppa's bloodthirsty hitman, is arguably even more vile than his boss. A twisted psychopath with a knack for molesting and raping women and brutally killing anyone he doesn't like, Merra makes his mark on the plot by gleefully slaughtering Buppa's dinner guests to test his sword. Merra slaughters people completely at random and holds a special hatred for his enemy Kai, and kills his friends for the sole purpose of hurting him. A willing participant of Buppa's murderous takeover of Tokyo, Merra leads the Waru to kill all they come across, turns on his own allies for the flimsiest of slights, and ultimately announces his intent to dominate Tokyo himself after Buppa's death. An unhinged, uncontrollable psychopath whose primary drive is his jealousy of Kai's better endowment, Merra rejects potential redemption because of his petty grudge and was among the worst criminals in dystopian Tokyo.