YMMV / Tokyo Tribe

The Anime and Manga
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Once again, "Goosh Goosh". Never brought up again, and no action afterwards carries the same amount of Squick.
  • Complete Monster: Jadakins from the Tokyo Tribe 2 anime is a mercenary sent a country over by the Daishisai to Tokyo to retrieve his niece Erika. Taciturn, stoic, and savagely brutal in his job, Jadakins is defined by his utmost lack of any sort of true human feeling and is hinted to be something other than human. Employed by crime lord Buppa to wipe out the Hands gang in retribution for the death of his son N'koi, Jadakins sets out brutalizing and graphically killing whomever he can get his hands on, at one point tearing out the eye of Chef Renkon with his teeth, and then leaving the man to suffer. Once his true mission comes into hand, Jadakins displays no relent in murdering whomever gets in his way—and whomever doesn't, as Jadakins kicks the Sycophantic Servant-turned-aspiring warlord Skunk into the path of an oncoming train for no reason at all after the latter safely delivers Erika to him. Compounding his pointless brutality with the implications that he may be getting far more pleasure out of his job than he should, Jadakins is seen as nothing short of a monster by the gangs of Tokyo.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The Bishōnen guy raped by Buppa bleeds from every orifice on his body after he dies, making the rape scene Bloody Hilarious.
  • Memetic Molester - Buppa.
  • Memetic Mutation - Goosh goosh.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Buppa literally assrapes a skinny Bishonen guy to death in the first episode of Tokyo Tribe 2.
  • Signature Scene - Chances are, you went to this page because of the "goosh goosh" scene.
  • Squick: Oh, god, Buppa... See him assrape a guy at your own risk.
  • Watch It for the Meme - Most people have only heard of this series from the above infamous "goosh goosh" scene. Conveniently, it's in the first episode. Nothing on TOW even begins to explain what it is all about.

The Live-Action Film
  • Complete Monster:
    • Lord Buppa, the Big Bad of this Live-Action Adaptation of the manga, is the slovenly, repugnant crime lord of Buppa Town, a miserable, crime-infested cesspool Buppa keeps in a perpetual state of misery. A sadist who keeps firm control over Tokyo through manipulating the lower Tribes into constant war, Buppa regularly gathers droves of woman for his own depraved purposes: selling them into forced prostitution, gifting them to his son N'koi to be mentally broken and converted into furniture, or simply outright butchering and eating them. One of Buppa's first scenes has him allow Merra to savagely kill a gathering of guests at his dinner before spraying one of the survivor's arms with something that will cause agonizing necrosis in it, purely to amuse himself. Buppa eventually spearheads an invasion of Tokyo by utilizing his Tribe, the Waru, to exterminate every other Tribe and give him permanent control over Tokyo. Even his loyalty to the High Priest is a sham, as Buppa intends to murder him and take over Asia himself. A corrupt, greedy thug of a crime lord, Buppa is proud of the murderous reputation he's cultivated and states he'll become the devil of Asia in his rigorous attempt to conquer everything he can.
    • Buppa's psychotic hitman and one of his Co-Dragons, the aforementioned Merra, is no less vile than his boss. A Serial Rapist who introduces himself stripping and molesting a cop who confronts him on the circulation of drugs, Merra gleefully butchers Buppa's dinner guests when he's allowed and happily tortures and murders anyone Buppa employs him to. In conflict with his lifelong rival Kai—whom Merra has dedicated himself to utterly ruining due to his jealousy of Kai's better endowment—Merra beats down the daughter of the High Priest, Sunmi/Erika, sexually gratifies himself by threatening to stab her, and implicitly rapes her, before giddily murdering Tera in his attempt to kill Kai. Merra eagerly participates in Buppa's invasion of Tokyo, brutally murdering whomever he can get his hands on, even his own allies, ultimately driving to take over Tokyo himself after Buppa dies. Not even remotely resembling his Noble Demon counterpart from the anime and manga, Merra is a wanton, ludicrously petty psychopath who stands out even in the polluted standards of the setting.