• Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: For those who donated to the Kickstarter:
    • A stretch goal was reached that allowed some form of this.
      • Those who pitched in at least $35 got a digital copy of the official guidebook, which features detailed information on the mechanics and the backstory.
      • Had the project achieved another goal, those who put in $45 or more would've received a physical guidebook in addition to the digital one, and yet another goal would have resulted in physical copies of the games and soundtracks as well as a set of postcards.
      • As a consolation prize, those who pitched in at least $45 instead got the "Digital Deluxe Edition", which includes high-resolution images of the box and CD label art for the games and soundtracks. A do-it-yourself collector's edition, if you will.
    • Regardless of the stretch goals, higher tiers yielded items like T-shirts, a plushie of SITER SKAIN's mascot, and even a bodypillow of Alice.