Trivia / The Tale of ALLTYNEX

  • Promoted Fanboys: Everyone who donated at least $1 USD to Nyu Media's Kickstarter for the series had their name displayed on the Roll of Honor on the official website. In addition, everyone who donated at least $15 had their names in the international release of ALLTYNEX Second.
  • Sequel Gap: KAMUI was released in 1999, but RefleX, which underwent a lot of Development Hell, wasn't released until 2008, nine years later. Fortunately, the time from RefleX to ALLTYNEX Second (2010) was much shorter, at only two years.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Anyone who donated at least $1,000 would've been eligible to appear in the ending sequence of ALLTYNEX Second under the War Record section, alongside the protagonist's name, but no one donated that much.
    • If Nyu Media had reached their $28,000 funding goal, those that contributed $45 or more during the Kickstarter campaign would have received physical copies of the games and soundtracks. Additionally, Nyu Media would start considering ports to other platforms.