YMMV: The Dead Pool

  • Franchise Original Sin: All of The Dead Pool's problems can be seen in Sudden Impact. Harry, arguably a heroic fascist, worked best in the Seventies when attitudes towards crime and criminals were more liberal. The eighties were far more conservative and a cop like Harry is the rule, rather than the exception.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: No Deadpool of Marvel comics fame was not named after this movie. It's just a coincidence.
  • Narm: The celebrity killer attempts to blow up Harry Callahan's car with a modified RC car infused with C4. However, the attempt fails when some kid playing with his own RC car interferes with the bomb-car's radio frequency. Instead of waiting for another opportunity, the killer starts a downright hilarious and awesome Bullitt style RC car chase across San Francisco.
    • It gets especially funny when it dawns on you that Harry's driving a massive 8-cylinder sedan and yet somehow has trouble outrunning a radio-controlled toy. That must have been a hell of a modification.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Jim Carrey as Johnny Squares!!!