Funny / The Dead Pool

  • A Running Gag in the film is how, whenever Harry got into a hairy situation and proceeded to shoot his way out of it, the very next scene would always show the people from the morgue arriving and carting away the corpses. Action movies with high body counts really ought to show this kind of thing a lot more often.
  • One of the police officials happily announcing on Harry getting an Asian-American partner; "Well, I think partnering Callahan with a Chinese-American will be very good for the department's image!" Cue Harry and his partner's awkward silence and Da Chief facepalming.
  • The Chase Scene. Seriously, even though Harry and Al are in life-threatening danger, it's still utterly hilarious that they're in a full-on Bullitt-homaging San Francisco car chase... with an remote control toy bomb car and Harlan Rook's full-size car.