YMMV: Solomon Kane

The Robert E. Howard Stories:

  • Fair for Its Day: For a 1920's pulp series with stories set in Africa, it manages to be less malicious than most. The nasty stereotypes are there, yes, but they are not used exclusively. There are several black characters who are well-rounded and sympathetic, not least N'Longa.

The 2010 Film:

  • Complete Monster: Malachi is an Evil Sorcerer who becomes a Sorcerous Overlord in Solomon Kane. Considering himself the Devil's servant, Malachi ingratiated himself to Josiah Kane to bring Josiah's dead son Marcus back to life, but restored him as an undead abomination bound to Malachi's will to serve as his Dragon. Malachi took over the lands and has the innocent kidnapped for slavery, or simply murdered. Others he just turns into flesh eating abominations. Malachi later has the leaders of the resistance against him crucified and when Solomon Kane confronts him, Malachi tries to sacrifice the innocent Meredith to open the gates of hell and send Solomon to eternal torture-as well as the rest of the world.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: When Solomon finally begins his Roaring Rampage Of Revenge.
  • In Name Only
  • Narm
    • "Solomoon!", "Merediith!"
    • The scene where the bandit gets initiated into Marcus' army, being corrupted by evil, saying that it feels "GOOOOD!"
  • Older Than They Think: People have said this looks like Van Helsing and/or Vampire Hunter D, but Robert E. Howard was probably the first to use the black clothes / Nice Hat / Badass Cape (or Longcoat) combo for a monster-hunter character — way back in the 1920s.
  • The Untwist: It didn't take any audience very long to guess that The Dragon was Kane's older brother Marcus behind the mask.
  • What an Idiot: Sure, Josiah Kane, give your lands and wealth to an evil sorcerer in order to heal your badly injured eldest son. Because we all know Faustian pacts have a long history of NOT backfiring. Oh, I'm sure all those thousands of people on your lands won't suffer under his rule and even if they do, what's the suffering of hundreds next to one Jerkass son's health? What could go wrong?