YMMV / Roxy Music

  • Americans Hate Tingle: Like a lot of glam bands, Roxy Music had a tough time cracking the American market until "Love is the Drug" became a hit in 1975. Even then, they always had a smaller cult following stateside despite being huge in their native U.K.
  • Awesome Music: Most fans won't dispute that the first five albums count, and Avalon is hailed as a return to form as well.
    • Even though Manifesto and Flesh + Blood are less liked, songs like Angel Eyes, Dance Away, Oh Yeah, Same Old Scene and Over You definitely count as awesome.
  • Broken Base: Between those who only like the band when Brian Eno was in it and dominating the band's sound (a view taken by a biography of the band), those who still like the band from the mid-to-late 70's, when they smoothed out the rougher edges but were still somewhat of a glam rock band, and those who prefer the Avalon era, when the sound was dominated by Bryan Ferry's love of pop and jazz.
  • Creator Backlash: Ferry has mentioned his dislike of first album track "Would You Believe?" in interviews on several occasions. He felt it would make people think the band were some kind of rock and roll revival band.
    • Several band members have said they thought "Pyjamarama" was rushed and a bad choice of single. They liked the song, just thought that the recording and arrangement was not up to scratch due to being tired from touring. They didn't include it on For Your Pleasure for this reason either. This is why, when it came to their first singles collection, they opted to do a remix of it with new sax parts and different stereo effects, and this has appeared on most Greatest Hits compilations since. The original didn't appear on CD until The Thrill Of It All box set, and later on The Complete Studio Recordings. Despite the band's criticisms, "Pyjamarama" is a favourite song of many fans, although many like the remix more than the original.
  • Ear Worm: "Do The Strand". It will never leave!
  • Face of the Band: Bryan Ferry, to the point where his solo albums were musically interchangeable with the Roxy Music album prior to them. Several compilations collect both and it's not always obvious to the casual listener whether the song is a Roxy Music song or a Ferry solo track. When discussing their early works, Brian Eno is also certain to pop up.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With — rather obviously, after Eno confessed to be a fan of them — Ladytron.
  • Ho Yay: Ferry's solo version of It's My Party uses the original lyrics, referring to a boyfriend Johnny.
  • Memetic Mutation: Their appearance on Top Of The Pops with "Virginia Plain" in 1972 has spawned parodies.
  • Similarly Named Works: Both Roxy and U2 have had songs called "All I Want Is You".
    • Not only that, but Roxy Music's "Angel Eyes" and Abba's "Angeleyes" were in the charts at the same time. Humorously, the band would later release a single called "Take A Chance With Me", reminding people of "Take A Chance On Me" by Abba.
    • There's also a song called "The Space Between" on Avalon, unrelated to the song of the same name by Dave Matthews Band.