YMMV / Rise of Legends

  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Is Giacomo an Ideal Hero as he is presented, or a Byronic Hero who indirectly (or directly) slaughtered thousands of people — including some that had nothing against him — to get his revenge?
    • Are the Cuotl "Gods" really just evil alien jackasses invading and conquering Aio for their mysterious masters, or do Xil, Ix and Shok see themselves as benevolent dictators by the standards of a complex alien code of ethics, with Czin simply being a bad egg in an otherwise good bundle?
  • Evil Is Cool: The Doge, especially in quick matches where the player gets to control him as one of their heroes. He upgrades siege units and increases the rate of unit production when he levels up, has a custom structure which produces more powerful versions of Vinci Imperial Musketeers and easy-to-mass-produce Chicken Walkers which increase in power along with him and and provides the brute force play that Giacomo just can't. Not to mention that his basic attack and two of his abilities involve the use of Frickin' Laser Beams!
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: The story told over the three campaigns is a fairly dull turn of events which seems more like an Excuse Plot than anything else. Thankfully, the gameplay more than makes up for it.
  • That One Boss: Go ahead and try and fight the Doge and his private army in the first campaign and see how well that works out for you. Just be glad he doesn't show up to defend his capital in the final mission.
  • That One Sidequest: Finishing "Stranglehold" during Gorilla Warfare on Tough. Expect to do a lot of Save Scumming even if you do you use mind control on the bad guy's City Of Vengeance