YMMV / Redneck Rampage

  • Demonic Spiders: The Vixens, Hulk guards, and Sheriff Hobbs can be a pain to kill. All of them have heavy weaponry with fast fire rates and more health than you can whittle down without turning an encounter into a drawn-out fight. The Hulk is worse than the others because it can and will get back up if you don't give its corpse the dynamite treatment.
  • Game-Breaker: The Alien Arm Gun. It's a guaranteed drop every time you gib a Hulk, is a One-Hit Kill on Old Coot and Billy Ray clones, wastes a dog in three, and it's all-around powerful. Each fire action is a burst of 3 shots that only consumes one ammo, and each new arm gives you 25. You can use it exclusively and still not run out of juice for it provided you don't miss often.
  • Goddamned Bats: Billy Ray is uncannily accurate with his shotgun even at longer ranges. Dogs are tremendously fast and move erratically, on top of being ridiculously tough for their tier (expect to spend at least 6 shells on one, and even then all of them have to be full hits with no missed pellets).
    • Jackalopes are small, fast and hard to get good aim on, naturally.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • The Turd Minions shrieking "KER-PEE! KER-PEE!"
    • Bubba's constant shouting and sniffling when you're near him can get annoying. You do get to whack him with your crowbar when found though, most of the time.
  • That One Level: Drive-In since you get to avoid the tornadoes constantly and can take away your health in seconds.