YMMV / Rat Race

  • Awesome Music: The way the soundtrack uses classical music for some of the funniest scenes just makes them even funnier.
    • "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" - played while Duane and Blaine Cody sabotage an entire airport.
    • "Ride Of The Valkyries" - a remix is played with Tracy Faucet chasing a truck down a highway in a helicopter.
    • "Libiamo ne' lieti calici" - played while the Cody brothers pursue the hardware store guy in a hot air balloon.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Pollini being mistaken for a pedophile because his hand is in a baby's clothes looking for something? Uncomfortable. Him exclaiming that he's looking for (and found) the key? Hilarious.
    • Randy digging himself deeper after he mistakenly drives the stolen Hitlermobile into a ceremony for WWII veterans while looking like Hitler, didn't help that he had burned his tongue, to which while trying to explain himself he was mumbling incoherently which came out sounding suspiciously German.
  • Deleted Scene: One such scene shows what happened to the crooked key maker after he floated away with a cow and a hot air ballon.
    • Another scene explains how Owen ended up so close to Silver City. After outrunning the stranded, and pissed, Lucy conventioneers, he climbs onboard a house that is being moved by truck. Said house is owned Diamond Dallas Page who beats up Owen and throws him out of the moving house, close to his destination.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: As noted under "Shaggy Dog" Story on the main page, the feel-good and heartwarming ending scene, complete with Laser-Guided Karma for Sinclair and his buddies, probably won't be as happy for all involved a while after the credits stop rolling.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The scene with the Cody brothers sabotaging the airport radar system and causing all airline flights to be suddenly cancelled could be regarded as this, considering this film was released in theaters one month before 9/11.
    • Doubles up as Values Dissonance for viewers in the post-9/11 world are almost surprised not to see the brothers surrounded by a SWAT team for trespassing and tampering with airport facilities.
  • Genius Bonus: The prize of $2 million is approximately what the $350,000 from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World would've been worth in 2001.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: the subplot with a medical courier delivering a heart, which is momentarily revived with electricity. Guess what Amy Smart would later star in?
  • One-Scene Wonder: