Heartwarming: Rat Race

  • Vera and Merrill meeting is quite emotional, with sweet music and both women holding roses. Then they turn it into Narm Charm with the two waitresses sniffling over the affectionate reunion in the background, and the sweet music stops.
  • The ending. Nobody wins the money. They donate it all to charity. We were all sort of expecting it to be a draw, but it's just so heartwarming to see it go to charity and not just shared. The little kids thanking them, and the little girl saying that they are just like the twelve disciples - and that's not a big deal until you realize that there are twelve of them only because they really did all join up on the way to get the money together.note 
  • The moment where Nick talks about how he met Tracy "And, well, these things just happen." Then they share a kiss, which is sort of helped along by Smash Mouth saying, "Oh this is beautiful!"
  • Blaine begging Duane to donate the money along with everybody else, with his pierced tongue. He looks like he's about to cry.
    Blaine:"Mom is watching us from Heaven right now... It's for STARVING CHILDREN, Duane! Do it for Mom."