Fridge / Rat Race

Fridge Logic
  • At the end of the film the billionaires get tricked into giving away tens of millions of dollars apiece, and act like they are ruined. In fact Sinclair's Casino would probably make that in a few days and the amount the billionaires donate would be little more than a tax write off and great publicity.
    • Not all rich people would just willingly give away so much money so easily - and almost certainly not the type that would bet on (among many, many other things) which maid would hang from curtain-bars the longest.
  • There's also the fact that apparently, a high-speed train runs straight into Silver City train station, and stops there just to throw off Enrico.
    • The train was scheduled to stop there.

Fridge Horror
  • Not very horrific, but when the Cody brothers busted up Las Vegas' entire airport's flying system, no plane could take off from or land at Las Vegas for the best part of the day. They just crippled airports all around the USA and possibly the world. It's a little bit scary...
  • And that poor person in El Paso who's going to get THAT heart...
  • The Squirrel Lady was never caught...