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YMMV: Project Gotham Racing

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  • Awesome Music: PGR had many beautiful songs. Ranging from fist-pumping Electronic Music, skull-crushing Industrial, head-bang friendly Heavy Metal, to moving rock music, and EVEN lovely classical music, this is musical heaven.
  • Best Level Ever: Every Major tournament in the career mode of PGR4. The first is a time-attack based tournament, in which the 8 racers who post the fastest times on the 3 rounds will face each other in a final last-man-standing race; the second is multiple-bracket tournament, with the final being an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny between two racers; the third and last one is like the second, but taken Up to Eleven: the final round is a race between 4 racers instead of just two.
  • Broken Base: The PGR fandom is in an argument on which PGR for Xbox 360 is better: a part of the fanbase prefers 3 for the humongous soundtrack, the Level Editor, the bigger number of gameplay modes available for both online and offline playing, the all-star cast of supercars (none of the cars in 3 go below 170 MPH) and the advanced management of car garages. Others cherish 4 for the wider and more balanced car roster, the more immersive career mode, the wider selection of racetracks, the Driving Test mode, and obviously better graphics.
  • Disappointing Last Level: The final race in 3 is quite easy, even on Platinum difficulty.
  • Ear Worm: this song made by The Prodigy used for the PGR4 intro.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Of the entire racing videogame genre, as the series proves to be very popular despite being discontinued.
  • Game Breaker: The Ferrari F50 GT in 3. Wanna know why it has been referenced so much in the main page? It is the most expensive car in the game (it costs 1.3 million credits!) for a reason. Very fast, lightning-quick acceleration, ungodly handling and grip, and it drifts well enough to give you a ton of Kudos!
    • At the beginning of PGR3, there is another example of Game Breaker. See that Ultima GTR? Yes, that cute, little speedster? I have two words to tell you: BUY IT. It's substantially a toned-down F50 GT.
    • Yet ANOTHER Game Breaker example in 3 is the final concept car unlocked in the game: the RUF Supercar Concept. It doesn't go nearly as fast nor handles as good as the Ferrari F50 GT, but has a much more controllable drifting. In fact, this car is sometimes used for world records, alongside the F50 GT and the Ultima GTR.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Ridge Racer.
    • Also, the PGR Fan Dumb holds a grudge with the Forza Motorsport fandom, as Microsoft apparently shelved PGR definitely and focuses on Forza as the Xbox's exclusive racing game; the Forza fandom either doesn't care about it or enjoys PGR.
  • Needs More Love: Despite most of the positive reviews, PGR4 during the time it was released was considered to be quite underrated since in comparison with Forza Motorsport 2 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, this game wasn't given much attention at first.
    • Inverted, instead, with PGR3. It was regarded as the best launch title for the Xbox 360.
    • The series still has a gargantuan Fandom which still plays 3 and 4's online modes to this day.

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