YMMV / My Favorite Martian

The 1963-1966 TV Series:

  • Seasonal Rot: Season 3. Between the colorization and the frequent time travel and other gimmicks, it just doesn't have the same tone as the previous seasons.
  • Values Dissonance: The usual sexism for that period, perhaps leavened by If Its You Its OK. In "The Matchmakers", a young couple, Howard and Marsha, have split up and Martin engineers their reunion by sending Howard a message that Marsha is seeing someone else. Howard comes storming up to her door and when she tries to slam it in his face he forces his way in.
    • In "Poor Little Rich Cat", we're supposed to be amused/outraged that a woman left $650,000 to her cat and take it for granted that her relatives are exploiting the fund. Today, many more people are aware of what can happen to a beloved animal when its human dies, and providing for it is considered normal. Also, a trust fund is used to do this, not a will.

The 1999 Movie: