YMMV / Moonlighting

  • Shipping Bed Death: Dave and Maddie are often considered the Trope Codifier with their hooking up at the end of the third season, to the point where this is sometimes called "Moonlighting Syndrome", with popular opinion being that people stopped watching after Dave and Maddie finally consummated, since there was no longer any reason for people to tune in to see if they would. However, the show didn't really suffer from the leads getting together, it suffered from the leads not being in the same room for about a year afterward. There was no point at which they were together as a couple at all. Willis was busy filming Die Hard, and Shepherd was pregnant, which affected their schedules with the series.
  • Tear Jerker: All other post-s3 wonkiness aside, if Maddie and Dave's reaction to her miscarriage doesn't get you, nothing will.