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Funny: Moonlighting
  • "Addison, my God!" "Isn't that redundant?"
  • "That man belongs in a pound..." "Pound of what?" *Maddie-glare*
  • "You're a wanton woman! A woman who's wantin'!"
  • The Dr. Seuss bit:
    Maddy: "We're looking for a man with a mole on his nose."
    Matre'D: "A mole on his nose?"
    David: "A mole on his nose."
    Matre'D: "What kind of clothes?"
    Maddy: (to David) "What kind of clothes..?"
    David: (to Matre'D) "What kind of clothes do you suppose?"
    Matre'D: "What kind of clothes do I suppose would be worn by a man with a mole on his nose? Who knows?"
    David: "Did I bother to mention, did I happen to disclose, that this man that we seek with the mole on his nose?/
    I'm not sure of his clothes or anything else except he's Chinese, a big clue in itself."
    Maddy: "How do you do that?"
    Matre'D: "I'm sorry to say, I'm sad to report, that I have not seen anyone at all of that sort./
    Not a man who's Chinese with a mole on his nose with some kind of clothes that you can't suppose./
    SO...get away from this door and get out of this place/
    Or I'll have to hurt you...put my foot in your face."
    Maddy: "Oh..!"
    David: "Oh..!"
    Maddy: "Time to go!"
    David: "Time to go!" *hasty exit*
  • David-as-Petruchio in "Atomic Shakespeare," particularly his first line:
    David-as-Petruchio (to a buxom village girl): "ZOUNDS! What MOUNDS!"

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