YMMV: Mobile Suit Gundam F91

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Eternal Wind, the ED.
    • Don't forget the image song, also sung by Hiroko Moriguchi, "Kimi o mitsumete (The time I'm seeing you)"
  • Evil Is Cool: Iron Mask and Zabine
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Birgit
  • Suspiciously Similar Song - At one point in the movie, a couple chords from 'The Imperial March' can be heard.
  • What Could Have Been - It was supposed to be a full-length series, but production was snagged due to staff disputes and was ultimately canned. Then it was decided that what was already made would be made into a movie instead, so we get treated to the a highly condensed version of what was supposed to have been the first quarter of a fifty episode show. Made even more "what could" when looking at Crossbone Gundam.
    • A MSV release showed some planned upgrades to the F91, among which were one that gave it 4 VSBR rifles, pretty overkill considering the effect it had with just 2, and another take on the long line of "Heavy Weapons Systems" variants of Gundams which seems to be shorthand for "put as many guns and missile launchers on it has the frame can handle without killing performance too badly".