YMMV / Minami-ke

  • Crazy Awesome: Hosaka. Especially when cooking.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mako-chan has garnered quite the fandom.
  • Les Yay
    • Hayami and Kana in the final minutes of the last episode of the first season, much the latter's horror.
    • Also, Chiaki's affections for Haruka sometimes seem fairly unsisterly.
    • Which is still nothing compared to the affections she sometimes shows for Kana, of all people.
    • During the first season's beach episode, they both seemed really eager to see their big sis in a bikini.
    • In the finale episode of the fourth season, after hearing from Maki that Atsuko's breasts have grown bigger, Haruka asks her to grope her breasts. She gropes her off-screen.
  • Narm Charm: Kana's "I AM BOSS" shirt. "Boss" can be a synonym for "cool".
  • The Scrappy: Fuyuki, to both Chiaki and some audience members. He's not too well-liked by many fans, as he's not very energetic, and always seems reluctant to join in on any activities by the other characters.
  • Values Dissonance: Or rather, cultural habits dissonance. Now, in Japan one causally or traditionally takes off one's shoes in the home and sits on the floor rather than a chair. So when Chiaki asks "what's there when you sit down but goes away when you stand up?", her answer is "the soles of your feet". Anglophone culture has the same riddle, with the answer being "your lap".