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Nightmare Fuel: Minami-ke
  • Episode 8 of Tadaima
    • Everyone who seems to hate vegetables gets hooked on this TV show that uses a special dance (and hypnotism) to make them love it. It sounds normal, but just watching an absolute scared shitless Hayami running away from Hosaka, who runs after her with veggie sticks is oddly disturbing. Maki and Atsuko nonchalantly commenting on the two passing by while drinking vegetable juice with swirly hypnotized eyes, Hayami hiding behind Hitomi, who's also hypnotized and deciding to help Hosaka forcefeed Hayami veggie sticks just makes it even more disturbing.
    • Also when something skin-coloured peels out of Hosaka's eyes, changing them from normal to cloudy to swirly and hypnotized. What the hell...
    • And later when Chiaki comes home to find Haruka hypnotized as well. That's just creepy.
  • Friendly Hosaka.
  • This shot, headlining the Minor Injury Overreaction page.

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