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YMMV: Max Wolf Revolutions
  • Ho Yay: There are several moments when the homoerotic subtext of the story becames blatantly obvious. In part 3 there are several moments where the main character mentions being completely naked along with other male characters. (Case in point: His "mental training" mentioned in part 3)
  • Jerk Sue: The main character, without a doubt, which also has many God-Mode Sue traits.
  • Squick: There are several chapters were the acts of violence done by Max Wolf became a major source for Nausea Fuel. For example in a chapter from part 2 named "More things that happened" Max Wolf mentions in a totally casual manner how he and his friend Dave started hunting "thugs, murderers, rapists and pedophiles", murder and torture them "just for fun" and then use their blood to write in the walls.

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