YMMV / Max Keeble's Big Move

  • Acceptable Targets: Robe is obese, so of course one of his shticks is eating food that's been in the garbage. Then there's Jindrake, who of course has to be evil because he's a principal. And blonde beauty Jenna (Max's crush), who, naturally, talks like a Valley Girl and has Alpha Bitch tendencies.
  • Ear Worm: (sung in a vaudeville Scottish accent) "MacGoogles is me name/I love a swampy bog...."
  • Fridge Logic: Max mentions he plays the bassoon in marching band, but the bassoon isn't a marching band instrument.
    • Never doubt the versatility of a pit band section. Over my four years of marching band, our pit included various mallet percussion, bass guitar, electric guitar, bassoons, timpani, a drum kit, even synthesized strings (played on a keyboard) at one point...
    • TECHNICALLY, (coming from a bassoonist) bassoons can be played in a marching band, but they're very difficult to march with. The weather affects their reeds like no tomorrow, their weight and the fact that they sort of stick out of a big problem when people in the marching band get closer together. Although not common, he could, technically, march with a bassoon.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Somewhat of a literal example: The scene where Jindrake is pounced by Chad the Chimpanzee and lands face-first in food-fight residue was funny. However, its hilarity decreases somewhat with recent reports that Larry Miller, Jindrake's actor, suffered a freak head concussion.
  • Ham and Cheese: Larry Miller probably broke his teeth chewing all the scenery.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: A bit of a stretch, but Megan and Robe don't take Max's going to Jenna's milkshake party instead of their going away party well. Brooke Anne Smith, the actress who played Jenna, later plays a pregnant teen who ended up being mentally tortured via cyberbullying until she committed suicide in the CSI episode Unleashed by the head cheerleader in retribution to her essentially taking the prom king nominee.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A bit of a stretch, but Josh Peck plays Robe. Here, he's friends with a girl named Megan. The next time he shares the screen with a girl named Megan, however...
    • McGinty's fear of McGoogles is ironic considering he went on to voice Toad in X-Men: Evolution.