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YMMV: Lum And Abner
  • Anvilicious: Many of the World War 2 episodes were dedicated to explaining or promoting various wartime programs (rationing, War Bonds, etc). A lot of them were less than subtle about it.
  • Life Imitates Art: The town of Waters, Arkansas, on which Lauck and Goff based their fictional town, officially changed its name to Pine Ridge after the show became popular.
  • Tear Jerker: Abner's wife leaving him. The episode manages the neat trick of being sad and genuinely funny at the same time. Thankfully, they reunite a few episodes later.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Starting in 1948, the series tried to mimic the Jack Benny format. This meant adding an orchestra and a live audience, stretching the episodes from 15 mintues to 30 minutes, and making each episode a self-contained story rather than part of a larger arc. Fans weren't too fond of these changes, and, in 1950, the show went on hiatus. It came back in 1953 with the old soap opera format.

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