Heartwarming / Lum And Abner

  • In the second to last episode, Lum and Abner wind up adrift on a raft in the Ouachita River. The final episode opens with them waxing nostalgic about how great Pine Ridge is and how they'd like to survive so they can go back and appreciate all the little things about it that they took for granted. It's a very melancholy moment, all-in-all. Then, the supporting cast arrives (they're revealed to have set up a search party as soon as the two disappeared) and come to Lum and Abner's rescue; even Squire came to help. When Lum sees them, he happily shouts "they love us", jumps off the raft, and swims out to meet them. All-in-all, a wonderful use of Rousseau Was Right if ever there was one..