YMMV / Lucius

  • Alternate Company Equivalent / Captain Ersatz: The setup is suspiciously similar to The Omen, with the juvenile, black haired antichrist murdering people.
  • Black Comedy: In spades!
    • The over-the-top, karmic deaths
    • The household's nonchalance regarding the obviously troubled child in their midst
    • The Antichrist doing chores around the house, up to and including collecting his mother's used panties
  • Evil is Cool: It is. It just is. Telekinesis, Mind Control and oh so many more deliciously evil powers. What more can you want?!
  • Narm: Isaac speaking. Sure, he's an Antichrist figure equal in power to Lucius, but it's tough to take him seriously with a generic demon-filtered voice emanating from a stiff, flapping mouth.
    • "The rest of you will join us beneath the bedrock of justice!"
  • Uncanny Valley: This is one of the few cases where limited animation works. Lucius seldom has anything but a blank expression on his face and it's creepy.